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I. What devices are required for USB connection?
The premise of using USB for online connection is that your machine has a USB interface. Generally, as long as the motherboard is produced after 1997, this function is available. In addition, dedicated USB hub is required for interconnection between two or more machines. Because the USB technology is relatively simple, many manufacturers have simplified the USB hub function and integrated it into other devices. For example, four USB interfaces are deployed on one PCI Card. In addition, the USB function is combined with the modem, and a modem with the USB hub function can be connected to three machines. The price of such modem is about 700 yuan. However, the online method described in this article is to use USB dual-host pair connection-The USB-USB Network Bridge Cable, the price of this device is about 300 yuan.

2. Start
you can connect the two machines with a USB connection without shutting down the machine. However, do not use the LPT port of the Direct cable like this, because hot swapping can easily burn down the LPT port. To connect the machine smoothly, follow these steps:
1. restart the computer, enter the BIOS settings page of the motherboard, check whether the USB function is enabled, and restart the computer again.
2. after windows is started, insert the USB link to the USB interface behind the two machines, and the system will immediately find the new hardware, and insert the installation disk of the USB link as prompted.
3. if your machine is not named, the system prompts "enter information Windows". enter a different computer name and the same group name on the two computers, finally, press the "finish" key to complete the installation.
4. restart the computer and check the system properties. You will find that there is a USB-USB bridge driver in "Universal Serial Bus Controller", which indicates that the system has already installed the USB connection.
5. click "Start> Search> Find computer", enter the name of the other computer, and then find the other computer. Then, double-click the other computer icon to access the other computer.
6. If an inaccessible message is displayed or the other party cannot be found, the network settings are incorrect. You can install "file and print sharing" and "IPX/SPX protocol" in the "Control Panel> network" option, you can see the other party in "Network neighbors.
if you are using the USB hub of the PCI card or a USB-integrated modem, the installation and configuration methods are basically the same as those described above.

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