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With the development of China's routing industry, it has also promoted the upgrade of the wireless routing CAT technology. Here we mainly explain what to pay attention to when using wireless routing cats, due to the concept of device integration, wireless route cat has many advantages, such as rich functions, device saving, energy saving, and convenient carrying, the traditional 1 + 1 Internet access mode should be eliminated.

Many people may not have a special understanding of wireless route cats. Here we mainly explain the things that need to be paid attention to when using wireless route cats. Wireless route cat, a device that integrates ADSL Modem and wireless router, is promoted by China Telecom's "My ehouse, it has brought new choices to many users who are still using the 1 + 1 ADSL Modem + wireless router. Simpler network connection and more convenient wireless access ...... What are you waiting? Click it!

Why reject 1 + 1

Wireless route cat is a product that combines a wireless router with a modem, also known as "cat". It also provides modulation and demodulation and wireless routing functions. Compared with the wireless route cat, the traditional 1 + 1 combination is a wireless router + modem, and the two devices have no advantages. In the 1 + 1 mode, you must use multiple devices to access the network. On the one hand, you need ADSL Modem, and on the other hand, wireless routers are indispensable, and the increase in the number of devices will inevitably slow down the network speed. Experienced readers know that the most taboo in network communication is to increase the forwarding point, and the communication speed slows down as the number of forwarding points increases. In addition, the power consumption caused by the joint operation of multiple devices also needs to be taken into account. In particular, for users with crazy downloads and monthly subscriptions, the traditional 1 + 1 combination generates a lot of electricity fees. The wireless route cat integrates two types of devices: ADSL Modem and wireless router, which simplifies the Networking Operation of users. In short, the product born under the concept of wireless route cat has many advantages, the traditional 1 + 1 Internet access mode should be eliminated because of its rich features, saving equipment, saving energy, and convenient carrying.

How to select "new cat"

Compared with a wireless router, a modem in a wireless route has one more modulation and demodulation function. The method to verify the existence of such a product is to check whether it has a telephone line interface. You can use a telephone line connection to test the tightness of the wireless route cat interface ). You can also check the number of telephone line interfaces on Route 11. If the wireless route cat supports multiple Route 11 interfaces, you can achieve simultaneous dialing on multiple lines. In addition, the wireless route cat should also provide a dedicated ADSL indicator, otherwise the user cannot know whether the dialing is successful. At the same time, it is best to provide a dedicated dialing setting and dialing query interface on the dialing management, this will greatly reduce the troubleshooting time.

Currently, many wireless route cats provide more than one network cable interface, so you have to pay attention to the stability of the routing function and the frequency of packet loss. In addition to checking the throughput parameter size in the Specification, we should also focus on our brand products. We recommend that you purchase wireless route cats from companies such as Huawei, tengda, Linksys, and D-Link. In addition, the number of Wired interfaces for wireless routing cat RJ45 interfaces also needs to be carefully selected by the purchaser. The user should select products with at least four network cable interfaces for Wired connection to the computer. In addition, you have to select the 100Mbps or 1000Mbps interface based on your actual needs. We recommend that you select the 1000Mbps interface when the price difference is not large.

Currently, most of the wireless route cats on the market use the 54Mbps product. The stability and communication speed are no different from those of ordinary wireless routers. Therefore, we are selecting wireless route cats, when observing its wireless transmission performance, we should start with compatibility. Users can carry their own commonly used laptops or wireless network cards to test the connection effect. By "using the big packet Ping Gateway" combined with the non-stop mobile wireless terminal location method, the compatibility and stability of the product are checked.

Because the wireless routing cat integrates two major communication functions, and many wireless routing cats also have extended functions such as USB interfaces and bridging), is the design of such products reasonable in terms of extended functions, you must pay attention to it. For example, if a wireless routing cat has a USB interface, can it be inserted into flash memory for sharing? Is the interface version 1.1 or 2.0; does the wireless route cat support DD-WRT, TOMATO, and other firmware. Tip: In addition to the above points, there are still some design details worth your attention. They also determine the status and Stability of wireless routing cats during long working hours. For example, whether the product supports one-click WPS encryption and more advanced encryption policies such as wpa2.

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