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In fact, when I was a freshman in college, I felt that the Internet would be a part of our generation's life. This part is like the television for our parents, the newspaper for our grandparents. In the information age, the network undoubtedly plays the most important role.

March 18, 2005, the second semester of the university, I purchased the first domain name: []. Yes, [Minyao] is the Hanyu Pinyin "ballad". Because they like music, but also write songs, but the economy was not rich at that time, in [] and [] made a choice. It turned out that my choice was right.

January 18, 2008, Master of the first year of the last semester, I purchased the nth domain name: []. Yes, [NUAA] is the abbreviation of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This site is more successful, but also verified that I have a lot of speculation about search engine optimization.

Here are some very practical tips. Useful for users who use the Discuz program.

First, about the domain name

On the choice of domain name, I do not want to say more theories. Key point, let the user feel good remember. [] is obviously very good to remember, because our generation in elementary school time all learned pinyin. and [] may obscure you. In fact, in 2008, there are many domain names on the internet to occupy a large number of latrines, I have not registered [], [] and so on. And precisely at this time a domain name business has registered [] expired can register, but not by other domain name operators. I'm lucky. When it comes to the point, the domain name is good to remember, with the geographical location of the southern Airlines. Southern Airlines in Jiangsu, was once the Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Machinery Joint jurisdiction of the Unit. [] is the writing habit of English, the upside, not exactly is "China Jiangsu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and astronautics"?

As for the domain name registration, you may find that the Internet is full of domain name registrars, but in the end where to register it well? New nets?

Now the answer is no. Million nets, the new network domain name prices are high, such as million nets, now. CN sold to 100 yuan,. com sold to 139 yuan. Of course, you think the brand of the new network and the big, value for money. In fact, million nets and the new network agents are very low prices. Pay attention to the word "agent", the same is sold million net products, but the price is about half the lower.

Here to recommend the domain name registrar is "Webmaster network domain name host distribution platform."

I think a mixed river for many years old stationmaster must know Admin5 name, Admin5 main agent million net products. Because the admin strength is indeed abundant, the number of users, the price reached the lowest water products. On the. cn domain name, the first year 1 yuan, the second year 45 yuan. The price is fairly fair, and Admin5 's reputation can be well protected. (I have been in the Contacts unlimited registered a domain name, then very cheap, then closed down, the domain name all turn to million nets, the price of renewal is very high.) )

Domain name price is one aspect, parsing is another aspect. Admin5 's mishap is that the number of resolutions is too small to provide a solution here.

For domain name resolution, we use dnspod free service. I remember having read an article about the origins of Dnspod. Dnspod is due to solve the VERYCD North-South Exchange, it is based on China's current network situation, according to the user's network service providers and will resolve the same domain name to different IP. Here to emphasize the point is that dnspod is not limited the number of domain name resolution, thus making up for the Admin5 about the number of too few mishap.

Dnspod also has its own problems. Although the record allows you to set the domain name forwarding, but the domain name forwarding function is limited. To make up for this flaw, we use the free domain name forwarding service provided by Edong.

Here, the part about the domain name is finished.

 Ii. on Space

About the space, has been my very vexed question. Before making a folk network, you need to provide downloads and audition, but the price of space is quite expensive. Moreover, even if the provision of a small number of audition, once the Baidu was retrieved, it will be a lot of people to reference, until the server is dead. Finally, I have to write to Baidu, please they delete the record of the song. As a result, they deleted all my web site records. After many times please Baidu lifted restrictions, but invalid. This is a relatively unwise place, and has gained a big lesson.

The space is not big, if provides the downloading, certainly freezes. For example, South Airlines BBS I used the main host of Anhui Yan, 218 yuan, 2% of the cpu,2000m space, while online 10 people hang off. This is a good example of the cheap big space, certainly no good goods. Later inquires to the competitor's IP, found with my friendship link a website same, finally asked the source: Sleepwalking Technology!

Sleepwalking technology space compared to Yan Yan is very expensive, 200 yuan, 250M space, 30G flow/month. At that time I was hesitant, according to the records of Yan, my monthly traffic has been nearly 30G, how to do? Finally, the attitude of holding a try to buy a.

The space of sleepwalking is not limited to CPU, this is very important. Unlimited CPU means that the number of online people in a large range will not cause the forum to hang off, and quickly stable operation.

And it's also important that they provide four mirror sites for free. Sleepwalking provides four mirrors, combined with the previous mentioned dnspod, can not only improve the speed of each user's access, but also significantly reduce access traffic. Why, you might ask! The mirror server is a cache proxy server with squid, similar to the principle of IE caching, except IE caching is for a computer, squid for a group of computers. As to the principle of squid, I do not dwell on this. If you are interested in research, you can visit my website The user accesses the mirror, not the server, and the user who actually accesses the server is squid on the mirrored site. As a result, the user who accesses the server has only four mirrored servers provided by sleepwalking, so the pressure is small. The user accesses the mirror website squid's flow is not counted in the 30g/month's range, only squid accesses the server the traffic only then counts in therein, therefore greatly reduces the flow.

In fact, the site through the above settings, my site's monthly traffic is only about 6G. And the real traffic is borne by the mirror server.

Sleepwalking space another area worth boasting about is support for rewrite. Rewrite's grammar is very simple, it will be a learning. and rewrite function is quite powerful, it can realize anti-theft chain, pseudo static, and so on.

A sleepwalking 250M space supports 4 independent web sites, 4 subdirectory bindings, and 4 independent SQL data. Oh, yes, I also support the SendMail function, which is much stronger than Yan Yan. Remember that I had consulted with the development of uchome eggplant, and help her find a bug. Later found that as long as the use of PHP sendmail function can send mail, faster than SMTP, and will never be rejected by the mail server service and lost mail.

These are all the very practical functions I use, and there are many other features that you can explore yourself. Having said so much, I actually want to suggest you buy the space of the technology of sleepwalking. Based on my experience, it's really worth it.

If you want to buy, you may wish to fill out the recommended user into my account. This will give me a small rebate and I will provide you with free advice. Please fill in the reference [INUAA] at the time of registration.

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