Control 3D models in WPF Using Game poles

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Control 3D models in WPF Using Game poles


I am in a good mood today. I don't want to write WF articles. I want to change my topic and write my best content.


Download example:



To reference Microsoft. DirectX. DirectInput

If you do not have one, you can download the DirectX Net development kit from the MS website,



In this example, I re-encapsulate access to the game rod,

Use the event Method for ease of use.

JoyestickEvent event occurs when any key or direction bar of the player is pressed,


You can obtain the operation data of the game rod from the parameter of the oyestickEvent event.


Game pole Description: any player that can be inserted into a computer can



This example is an example of moving in 3D space.


There are two ways to move in 3D space.

  • Third, the camera does not move, and objects in the space move, such as red police.
  • The first angle of view means that the objects in the space are not moving, and the camera is moving, for example, a need for speed.


This example is an example of the first angle of view. The game bar is used to control the camera to move in 3D space,

You can try to traverse several rings in a 3D space to reach the Sphere behind the ring. The following is the control description.










Arrival destination



3D models are created in 3D max9, and the conversion is completed in Blend,

If you are interested in this aspect, please refer to my article.


[3ds Max modeling, Blend design, VS2008 3D model example for controlling WPF]




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