Conversion of ASCII code to 16 binary (table)

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The so-called ASCII and 16 binary are just conceptual things that are all binary in the computer

The conversion should be the output of the conversion, the same number, in the computer memory is the same, but the output is not the same
ASCII is the encoding of characters, almost the encoding of characters on the keyboard. The following is an ASCII and 16-binary table:

ASCII and 16 binary conversions
Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary
NUL 10) DLE 10H Sp 20H 0 30H
SOH 01H DC1 11H ! 21H 1 31H
STX 02H DC2 12H " 22H 2 32H
ETX 03H DC3 13H # 23H 3 33H
EOT 04H DC4 14H $ 24H 4 34H
ENQ 05H NAK 15H % 25H 5 35H
Ack 16) Syn 16H & 26H 6 36H
BEL 07H ETB 17H 27H 7 37H
Bs 18) CAN 18H ( 28H 8 38H
HT 19) Em 19H ) 29H 9 39H
LF 0AH SUB 1AH * 2AH : 3AH
Vt 0BH Esc 1BH + 2BH ; 3BH
Ff 0CH Fs 1CH , 2CH The 3CH
CR 0DH Gs 1DH _ 2DH = 3DH
So 0EH Rs 1EH . 2EH > 3EH
Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary Ascii 16 binary
40H P 50H 60H P 70H
A 41H Q 51H A 61H Q 71H
B 42H R 52H B 62H R 72H
C 43H S 53H C 63H S : 3%
D 44H T 64k D 64H T 74H
E 45H U 55H E 65H U 75H
F 46H V 56H F 66H V 76H
G 47H W 57H G 67H W 77H
H 48H X 58H H 68H X 78H
I 49H Y 59H I 69H Y 79H
L 4CH 5CH L 6CH Must've 7CH
N 4EH 5EH N 6EH ~ 7EH
O 4FH 5FH O 6FH Del 7FH

With regard to this table, the key-value characters on the keyboard are stored in the binary memory of the computer, for convenience, converted into 16 binary representations.
Therefore, 45 of the ASCII representation is 4 of the ASCII representation and 5 of the ASCII representation of the link up.
Each ASCII character is converted to a 16 binary that is a two-bit 16-digit number, and similarly, converting the 16 binary to ASCII is two-bit converted into an ASCII character and then joined together.

Conversion of ASCII code to 16 binary (table)

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