Conversion of hard disk GPT partition to MBR partition

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How do I change a GPT partition to an MBR partition?

"Because the laptop hard disk partition table is GPT and you can't install the boot system. The need to convert to an MBR partition can also be successfully installed. “

The problem is, the partition tool cannot convert the MBR, here is a small part of the reason, that is, the partition tool can not be stored in the case of data to convert the partition table, if the hard disk to remove all partitions, the conversion of MBR that is good solution.

Small series here will own experience to share to everyone, ash often simple oh.

  • Partitioning tool (required to run under PE system)

  • DVD-PE system boot disk, or USB-PE system boot disk (old Peaches boot disk)

  1. 1

    boot booting into the boot disk PE system, That is, the USB boot disk is used to guide the computer into the PE system.

  2. 2

    Delete all partitions of the hard disk and turn gray, for example, Point in the disk, click the ' Hard Disk ' menu, click ' Convert partition table type to MBR format '

  3. 3

    After clicking "OK", a prompt will pop up to show you some information, such as, click "OK"

  4. 4

    Next, wait for the computer to complete, as shown in the hard disk partition table type has been successfully changed to MBR, and then the new partition installation system.

    Important: Create a new primary partition 2: A partition 100MB (NTFS) for the system boot file, the system is installed, the letter will be automatically hidden, and the other 11 partitions for the system installation partition (NTFS), size customization, for the C drive.

    Other partitions are logical partitions of D, E, F (to create a logical partition before creating an extended partition for the bottom)

  1. When you click OK, a message dialog box pops up, Click "OK".

  2. 1. If you have EFI option in your PC BIOS settings, select "ESP partition";

    2. If you do not have this option in your PC BIOS settings, select "MSR Partition",

    GPT partition table can create multiple primary partitions. However, none of the partitions represents an activity.

Conversion of hard disk GPT partition to MBR partition

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