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With the growing popularity of PDF documents, the number of people working with it is becoming more and more popular, and converting PDFs into Word, saving or editing them, becomes a requirement. But what if you need to convert a lot of the content of the document? What's the use of converting PDFs into Word documents in bulk?

Don't worry, next we will solemnly recommend such a professional and efficient software-easyjet PDF converted into Word Converter!

Software Introduction:

Version: V3.2

Size: 7.64M

Updated: 2013-07-05

Official website:

EasyJet pdf Convert to Word Converter is a professional PDF to Word tool software, it can quickly and accurately extract the text and pictures in your PDF document, transform it into Word format, and keep the text/font/size/line spacing in the original PDF unchanged. The picture is also restored in accordance with the original typesetting layout, and the maximum restoration of the original file information! The important thing is that it is completely free to use, without any functional limitations!!

Using easy-Agile PDF converters to bulk Convert PDF documents method steps:

Specifically to show you how to operate it.

1, open the operation of "easy Agile pdf converted into Word converter";

2, click the "Add PDF File" button, will need to convert the PDF file, add to the list of files to be converted;

3, add the completion of the file, set up after the creation of the saved file location, such as D disk, so that the conversion to complete after easy to find files;

4, after the completion of the settings click the Immediate conversion button, the software will begin to convert. If the document pages are not much, 10-50 or so, generally in 1-3 minutes to complete the conversion;

Conversion complete, you can compare the conversion effect:

Pre-conversion PDF document:

Converted Word document, select part of area:

You can see that the overall effect is very good, after all, this text-only version of the PDF document is relatively easy to convert successfully, the effect will be very good. How do you feel? Then download it now, and keep it in your computer!

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