Convirt 2.0 installation-KVM and xen Management Platform

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Conw.2.0 is a management platform for KVM and xen virtual machines. Because you need to install convirt recently. At first, my system version was ubuntu10.10. After the installation was successful, I started the server and logged on to the convirt management platform with the default admin account. I found that the error message "internal server error" is always displayed, but I do not know the cause of the error, the problem persists after the convirt is reinstalled. The log prompts "no object (Name: buffet) has been registered for this thread", which is so depressing that no relevant information can be found in Baidu, google has several related web pages, but the web pages still cannot be opened. One week later, we re-installed convirt on another Ubuntu 9.10. As a result, the installation was successful and smooth sailing. Thank God. It turned out to be a version issue for a long time. Later, I took a closer look at convirt.
The official website finds that the system version written in the installation steps is 9.04/9.10, and other versions have not yet been tried. Ah, a version problem has plagued me for so long.

It seems that you should pay attention to the version issues in the future, otherwise it will take a lot of time. If you don't talk much about it, start to install it.

1. Download the installer and the script file.



Download them to the user directory/home/XXX. (Xxx is your user name)

Conw.-2.0.1.tar.gzand conw.-install-2.01.tar.gz

2.decompress conw.-install-2.01.tar.gz to/home/XXX /.

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $ Sudo tar-xzf./convirt-install-2.0.1.tar.gz/home/lxz2 // lxz2

It is the user name. You can replace it with your own name when extracting the package.

3. initialize system environment variables

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $ Sudo./convirt-install/CMS/scripts/install_dependencies //

./Indicates your current directory. Here is/home/lxz2/

In this initialization process, it is important to have a MySQL setting. MySQL is not installed on this machine, so the script will be installed and mentioned during the installation process.

Set "set Root Password [Y/n] Y" to set the root password. You must set the root password and the password to convirt.

Restart the MySQL service after setting

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $/Etc/init. d/MySQL restart

4.decompress the conw.-2.0.1.tar.gz package to the user directory, that is, under/home/XXX /.

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $ Source convirt-install/CMS/scripts/install_config

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $ Tar-xzf./convirt-2.0.1.tar.gz-C $ conw._base

5. Install turbogears

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $./Convirt-install/CMS/scripts/setup_tg2

Some things will be installed during this period. Please be patient and enter the SSH authentication password and press Enter. You do not need to set a password.

6. Run the convirt Management Server

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $ Cd ~ /Convirt // enter the convirt directory

Lxz2 @ lxz2-pc :~ $./Convirt-CTL start // start the server


Using/home/lxz2/. Ssh/cms_id_rsa

Identity added:/home/lxz2/. Ssh/cms_id_rsa (/home/lxz2/. Ssh/cms_id_rsa)

SSH key added to agent.

Starting convirt using virtualenv:/home/lxz2/convirt/tg2env

Default character encoding is UTF-8

Entering daemon mode

Server running in PID 3122

Convirt started.

Convirt is started.

7. log on to convirt

Enter http: // ip-Address: 8081 // ip-address in the browser as the IP address of the convirt Server

8. Display Effect

Possible problems:

1. If the installation is not successful, an error may be reported during the reinstallation, prompting that the convirt database already exists. Delete the database and continue the installation.

2. If dependency-related programs are not correctly installed, an error will be reported during system environment variable initialization.

3. If the firewall disables port 8081, enter

Iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 8081-J accept

Then start the server.


The configuration of convirt servers requires further study and practice.

After the configuration is complete, write it again.

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