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Some values are stored in cookies after base64 encoding. When there is one or two equal signs (=) at the end of the encoded string, request is used. getcookies (). getvalue () will lose the equal sign and cause an error when base64 decoding is performed.

Https:// Id = 44679. You can see the discussion in this link.

It mentioned:

Org. Apache. tomcat. util. http. servercookie.Allow_equals_in_value
System Property
That was introduced in Tomcat 6.0.24. Looks like Mark has seen the light.
I just wanted to update this issue so everyone that needs this feature is aware
Of It.

1) directly retrieve the cookie value from the HTTP head, resolve it by yourself, and keep the equal sign in the value. (cookie value format: Name = value; name2 = value2; name3 = value3

2) Before base64 decoding, calculate the length and supplement the equal sign before decoding.

Public static string decodebase64 (string s) {Switch (S. length () % 4) {Case 3: S + = "="; break; // Note: you only need to add one or two equal signs, case 2: S + = "="; break; Case 1: S + = "="; break; default :} return new base64encoder (). decode (S. getbytes ();} public static string encodebase64 (string s) {string encoded = base64encoder (). encode (S. getbytes (); Return encoded. replaceall ("[\ n =]", "");}


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