Cook's low-profile visit to Foxconn: no welcoming ceremony for cheap Commercial Vehicles

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This is the fifth visit to China and the second visit to Zheng after Cook became Apple's CEO.

Without a gathering of reporters and without a luxury car, Apple CEO Tim Cook came to Zheng in a low profile yesterday. After waiting for more than two hours in the Foxconn Park in Zhengzhou Airport comprehensive economic experimental area, and quietly took the special plane to leave.

Cook made a special trip to the production base in Zhengzhou during his visit to China. His intention is self-evident: supervise iPhone 6 production.

Cook came to Apple's head and quietly arrived at Zheng

Yesterday afternoon, there were many people who saw planes landing next to the runway at the northwest corner of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.

At about 14 o'clock, a small business machine was diving along the landing channel, and some people laughed: "This plane is so small !" People who laugh do not know that there is a "big man" in this "small man"-the successor of Tim Cook-Steve Jobs-the current CEO of apple.

Yes, Cook is here! Cook, the global leader of the Apple mobile phone you are using, is in Zhengzhou!

This is the fifth visit to China and the second visit to Zheng after Cook became Apple's CEO. The first visit to Zheng was prior to the release of Apple 5C; this time, however, after the release of apple 6.

Around 15 o'clock, cook took a special plane and slowly landed at the parking apron of Zhengzhou Airport. Under the guidance of the guiding car, after the car was parked smoothly, several staff members got off the plane in turn, then cook, dressed in blue, walked down the ladder and welcomed the people at the airport. At this time, on the runway on the south side of the official aircraft, a large passenger plane may take off and take off from time to time. Cook looks at the busy passenger plane for a long time. A few minutes later, he boarded the shuttle bus and quickly left the parking apron of Zhengzhou Airport.

Low-profile entry into the factory without welcoming

Cook, who got off the plane, clearly wanted to keep a low profile to the end.

After the two buses exit from the Xinzheng Airport Freight transport channel, they are quietly transferred to Yingbin Avenue, Zhengzhou Airport economic comprehensive experimental zone.

There are no luxury cars and no police cars. A road car is a commercial vehicle worth more than RMB.

According to insiders, the car was arranged by Foxconn itself. The police did not block the road and only arranged two traffic police officers to direct the traffic at the intersection. No one will notice that a common coster is sitting in the famous cook.

Foxconn arrived, and the motorcade entered from the south gate. Apart from two security guards, there were no flowers or applause at the gate. It was so low-key that it could be described as "Deserted.

Test the factory as a packing engineer with a smile

According to a Foxconn employee, after entering the plant, coster stops in front of the F branch plant in the Foxconn plant. Cook gets off the bus and shakes hands with the people waiting for him. Then he waved his arm to the audience who welcomed him at the door, and his red face was filled with a smile. In the next two hours, his face bloomed frequently.

Surrounded by people, cook walked to the second floor. On the way into the workshop, Foxconn staff handed over their overalls. Like everyone else, he put on a white plaid jacket, a cap, and a shoe cover, after security inspection, the company entered the apple 6 assembly workshop.

According to people familiar with the matter, before the two LCD screens in the workshop, Cook always smiled and started his head from time to time when he heard staff explain the construction and production of Foxconn in Zhengzhou in English. After hearing the introduction, it may be that the indoor temperature is high, maybe it is a little excited. He took off his blue suit coat.

Starting from the first step of the process, cook sometimes listened to the staff to explain, and sometimes stopped to observe, and made a pose from time to work with the accompanying photographer. Near the end of the visit, he sat down next to a female and chatted with the female for five minutes.

The last process was packing. At 16 o'clock, he came to the workbench of the process and handed several boxes to the packing workers regardless of his identity as the "Apple master, in the laughter of everyone, I used a "Packing engineer ".

Foxconn employees reported that cook and his entourage visited other areas of the plant after they came out of Zone F. When they saw an employee taking photos with an Apple mobile phone, he took the initiative to shake hands with the employee. Employees who usually take the shuttle bus also receive a text message reminding them that "the shuttle bus resumes normal at five o'clock and everyone can take it normally." The staff's dining time was postponed.

Quietly go 3 hours later

At about 17 o'clock, after completing official activities, cook and his entourage returned to the VIP room at Zhengzhou Airport in a low-profile manner. Soon, the shuttle bus sent the shuttle bus to the official server that was waiting in the same place.

People familiar with the matter said that on the shuttle bus, Henan Airport Group told cook about the rapid development of Zhengzhou Airport in recent years-the annual passenger throughput has been maintained at more than 10 million passengers. With a shuttle bus, cook enthusiastically shook hands with the departure leaders of the provincial, municipal, and Henan Airport Group to express his gratitude.

At this time, on the parking apron of Zhengzhou Airport, there were still frequent planes taking off and landing. In the late autumn, the silence of the silk gradually showed, while the upper body was wearing only a blue coat of Cook, smiling and taking a group photo with the Henan delivery staff. Afterwards, cook boarded the official jet and took off from Zhengzhou Airport after completing relevant technical preparations.

In the light of the sunset Yu Hui, after spending about three hours in Zhengzhou Airport economy comprehensive experimental zone, he quietly walked away, just as He quietly came.

Cook's low-profile visit to Foxconn: no welcoming ceremony for cheap Commercial Vehicles

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