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Music Walkman can be traced back to the time of the magnetic tape of the music, in that year, people who like to listen to songs can only buy their favorite songs, put in the player inside to play. But now that technology has perfected the technology of Walkman into handheld devices, Android devices are one of them. We are here today to experience a classic Android music entertainment app-Cool music 2013, to witness the classic music products, the mobile end of the mobile experience will bring you.

Cool Music 2013 is the latest music player of the music box, with a high interface affinity, support a wide range of sound quality characteristics. Cool Music Box 2013 integrated millions of song MV, with karaoke function and lyrics function.

In addition, cool music 2013 also provides a strong music search and high-speed download song function, the world's most complete music library, the most professional audio decoding core technology, the perfect realization of a variety of audio format high-fidelity playback, is currently the most popular Android users of the free mobile phone player. This article mainly from the cool music 2013 music library, song lyrics MV, Cloud Music management and "my" User account extension function several aspects to carry on the comprehensive experience.

Find songs with music library

As a music player, first of all, it must have enough songs for users to choose to use, so as to attract more users to install software, in fact, music library for Music app application is also the most basic. So what about the cool Dog Music 2013 the android version of Music Library? We'll come to the next experience.

A total of 11 music library in the detailed classification

When we go into the library, we find that there are a number of library refinement categories, a total of 11 items. However, unfortunately, the last project appeared "boutique recommended" label, this feature and music library did not exist how many links, developers choose to put the label here, is misplaced or intentional?

List of detail categories for the songs in the charts

Cool Music 2013 in the category of the song list is also very meticulous, these categories of songs, the list of songs included in the compilation of domestic and some foreign songs ranking.

MV Song classification is still very detailed and clear

The effect of MV playback

Overall, cool music 2013 on the design of Music library, although adding an inexplicable feature of the "Boutique recommended" label. But the content content of the library is very high, the classification is also more clear and meticulous. Therefore, this function in the use or more can meet the popular demand for songs.

Lyrics song MV Many not mistaken

Here the lyrics of the song are more than the music MV and not mistaken, is that several of them can be carried out at the same time, without interference.

Song playback interface with singer background

Cool Music 2013 uses the Mini playback way, will be playing the song to shrink to the most decentralized for the barrier-free operation. Of course, the user can also be a mini play the way to enlarge to full screen playback, then you can see the music play the lyrics, lyrics and songs to play synchronously. In addition, the music is played by the singer's photo as background.

The song plays in the singer's background

Toggle MV Playback

In the Cool music box, some songs are with MV playback mode, such as we found Huang song "Worry", this song is equipped with MV playback. This is a very useful place, users do not need to download MV, and as long as the song MV tag click, you can successfully watch the music mv.

Cloud Music Anywhere

In many cases, the user's cell phone memory space is very limited. And if you want to listen to music can play online, do not need to download to the local, this is a more ideal way. The functions we have mentioned here are in fact part of the cloud Music category. Cloud music also includes the storage of the music catalog. The following continues to experience.

Select a single for a certain category

In the song type to find their favorite songs, selected to be stored in the cloud music management, that is, placed under a preset custom directory, users can at any time through the cloud function, the online song directory to store good.

Create a Play List

Select a song from the custom playlist

In fact, we also noticed that the songs we selected are not downloaded to the local mobile phone, but directly online selection. So where did the catalogue of these songs end up?

These songs are actually stored in the cloud music, that is, the previous custom directory we have done, is stored in the cloud mode (users must be logged in before they can use). This is convenient for users to use, but not to occupy the user's mobile phone local memory space. However, it should be noted that, because the song is built in the cloud, not downloaded to the local, so the user plays the song in the process of need to use the network to play normally.

"My" Music I Manage

With more and more music stored in the user's mobile phone, these music classification is becoming more and more important, the development of different categories of the songs directory, will be more effective protection of music to find more simple direct. Therefore, it is necessary for us to tell about the music management system-"my" function.

User needs to login account

Cool music 2013 when using the "my" feature, you need to register and log in to the cool music account. Because cool music through the user login account to carry out the synchronization of the cloud control. Allow the user's settings to be synchronized in different devices.

My download management and local song management

The "My" feature also includes two important aspects of download management and local songs. Some users in the use of cool music 2013, asked questions about the download, most of the relevant music in the download process, why it is difficult to find the download status of songs?

So here, we can download management to find the current song download progress. Simply click on the "Downloading" tab to view it easily.

My Radio/wifi songs.

My radio and WiFi songs are also one of the important components of cool music 2013 function. My radio also needs the user to be in the login state. This is a useful function, mainly in the user currently do not particularly want to listen to the song, but just want to listen to the current hot songs, or to listen to some random songs, can choose "My Radio" function tag, the concert automatically play continuously.

WiFi song is a wireless transmission of songs, in the same WiFi network environment devices, such as computers, tablets, other mobile devices, etc., can carry out songs between each other.

Summary: Overall, cool music 2013 in the functional update more obvious, including music library, lyrics songs, MV, cloud music management and so on to give us feedback are a practical oriented direction. As a network closely linked to the music app, cool music 2013 Walkman function is reflected in the more in place.

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