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Copan System is a leader in an enterprise-class intelligent storage solution. Its solution based on maid (large idle disk array) is a product designed for persistent data (PD) long-term storage requirements. The company's mission is to develop innovative technology and solve user problems for the purpose, so that customers can achieve a reasonable cost-effective long-term data rapid reading.

Founded in 2002, the company's goal is to develop products based on the unique requirements of long-term storage data management. As a leader in the implementation of the enhanced maid data storage products at the enterprise level, the Copan solution is extremely scalable and highly operable and price-competitive.

April 13, 2007, the Pacific Gas and Power Company (Pg&e), one of the largest public utility companies in the United States to carry out energy-saving incentive programs. Copan's integrated enhanced MAID technology storage becomes the first certified storage vendor in the Pg&e profit plan. The incentive plan is also applied to both Copan storage device updates and new storage device purchases. As a pg&e energy-saving certification manufacturer, users can use Copan products from Pg&e Company to receive energy-saving rewards rebate.

"For many businesses, annual data storage is growing at more than 100% per cent a year." Therefore, a technology that is more energy efficient and meets this storage requirement is needed to help users manage their costs. "By providing financial support, we hope to expand the industry's adoption of this technology," said Brad Whitcomb, vice president of customer services at the Pacific Gas Power company. "

Copan Systems introduced the concept of cool bytes to raise concerns about the rapidly emerging energy crisis in the data center. IDC pointed out that, from the operating cost control point of view, the IT industry, the cost of energy consumption to achieve its hardware procurement costs 25%. The rapid increase of consumption cost and cost of cooling system makes green storage the first choice for storage equipment procurement. Over the past four years, Copan Systems has been predicting such trends and development prospects, and has been the concept of green storage in various product planning and research and development.

The focus of Copan products

Copan System focuses more on long-term, energy-efficient storage of persistent data to meet the ever-increasing requirements for data recovery standards and compliance. Persistent data is data that is not often required to be accessed or changed, but they still need to be stored in a particular area for future access or reference. As in the past, compliance has forced large enterprises to store more and more historical data and have longer storage periods. Disk rotation requires electric drive, the more real-time data access, the need for more rotors, then the power consumption is greater.

Archive data a persistent data type. Archive data is not transaction data, it usually records business operations, applications, and data status for future audits, adjustments, analysis or reference needs, not for application or data recovery. For regulatory or commercial reasons, persistent data requires a storage platform for easy reading of data, rapid response time, and data integrity. Because the archive takes a long time to save, the cumulative amount of data is unimaginable. Therefore, the storage cost of persistent data seriously affects business operating costs.

Technology foresight

Most data center architectures are now built primarily to deal with transactional data and are not suitable for processing persistent data. All Copan products are built on an enhanced maid platform that can effectively save money and meet the requirements for a single write/random readable Woro for long-term storage data. In this environment, the use of maid technology has the following benefits:

Data protection: Faster access, predictable backup and recovery, and lower storage management requirements.

File archiving: Increased reliability, scalability, and reduced management costs for archived data.

Tiered storage: Maid simplifies the management of storage architectures by creating a new tier of storage.

Copan's maid platform uses three hardening technologies:

Three-tier system architecture

1. Three-tier system architecture each layer has automatic connection and intelligent computing ability, can dynamically allocate bandwidth and data processing ability according to need.

The three-tier system architecture enables power MANAGED RAID, I/O operations, and applications to be handled in parallel through separate processing resources. In this way, Copan's new product-revolution 220TX will enable simultaneous read and write operations through 8 2Gbps speed (1440mb/s Stable) Fibre Channel interfaces, as well as any 25% of the disk combinations in up to 896 SATA disk drives in the same cabinet. For the current drive capacity of 750GB, for example, a single revolution 200 cabinet can provide 672TB of persistent data storage, which can be extended 168TB capacity immediately through activation at any given time.

2.POWER MANAGED Raidtm software: Power MANAGED RAID protects data integrity and fault tolerance throughout the RAID5.

The disk receives an access request within 15 seconds of a four-set drive RAID 5 drive, and has a reasonable layout with no interaction vibration or local overheating. Once enabled, respond to a variety of I/O requests at a normal millisecond-level speed. All disks are equipped with a damping setting and are placed in easy-extraction cylinders and are easy to replace on a regular basis. At the same time, the special heat sensor control temperature under 45 degrees, to ensure that the disk reliable operation

The 3.DISK aerobics software ensures that the drive works properly and protects the integrity of the data. It can effectively migrate data from a failed disk. Copan's patented disk aerobic software enables continuous monitoring of all running drives and periodic inspection of idle disks to ensure that all disks in the system are running well within the design metrics range. Once a disk is found to be faulted, the diskette aerobic software replaces it with a spare disk and pulls it out of the system. This greatly reduces the probability of disk failure rebuilding raid, thereby eliminating the possibility of a second disk error again before the raid is restored. The software also automatically carries out a routine inspection of the data on a monthly basis. Once a disk is found to have any error messages or cannot be read, the data is modified to ensure that future data is read at any time. This special feature makes this platform ideal for long-term, persistent data storage.

Copan The application-driven hardening maid platform, as long as 25% of the disks are powered on. This platform is designed to store long-term data and occasionally read archived data. Compared to traditional disk-based storage scenarios, this scheme is less costly and has a significant competitive advantage over the cost of an automated tape library. In addition, higher-density drives have a smaller footprint and low power consumption required to run and cool the device.

Product characteristics

Copan Company's enhanced maid products have the following characteristics:

Significant cost effectiveness, higher reliability, superior performance

Fast Online data access

Extend SATA disk life by more than 4 times times

Dramatically reduces power consumption and cooling requirements

Enhanced protection of data and integrity

Highly scalable, high-density, efficient use of data center space

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