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This procedure for a search, the current design services in the article library.
Editor: Kong Xiuxiang. Date: 2001/4/10
if (! $UploadAction):
Require "CONFIG.PHP3";
if (!isset ($table)) {
$table = "artical";
$link _id= @MYSQL_CONNECT ($hostname, $dbusername, $dbpassword) OR DIE ("Cannot connect to the database!") ");
@mysql_select_db ("$dbname") or Die ("Cannot select a database!") ");
$q = "SELECT count (id) from $table where 1";
$result = @mysql_query ($q);
$row = @mysql_fetch_array ($result);
$r _count= $row ["Count (artical_id)"];

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE> Database Search </TITLE>
<body><table align=center cellpadding= "0" cellspacing= "0" width= 420 "style=" border-style:outset; Border-bottom-width:thin; Border-left-width:thin;border-right-width:thin;border-top-width:thin; Border-color: #fefefe; " >
<th colspan=2 bgcolor=726cc5>
<!--tr><td colspan=2 bgcolor=726cc5-->
<font Color=white Face=arial,helvetica size=2>
This program to run more time, need to wait patiently. </TH>

<form enctype= "multipart/form-data" NAME = "SubmitForm"
Action= ". $PHP _self?> "method =" POST ">
<!--INPUT type= "hidden" NAME = "max_file_size" VALUE = "2500000"-->
<input type= "hidden" NAME = "uploadaction" VALUE = "1" >
<input type= "hidden" NAME = "table" VALUE = " echo $table?> ">
<input type= "hidden" name=table value= "artical" >
&LT;TR BORDER=1&GT;&LT;TD colspan=2 align=center> Query Project
&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD colspan=2 align=center><input type= "Radio" Name=a_data value= "data" checked> article content
<input type= "Radio" Name=a_data value= "title" > article title
<input type= "Radio" Name=a_data value= "author" > article author
<input type= "Radio" Name=a_data value= "month" > Periodical name
<!--input type= "Radio" Name=a_data value= "type" > Category number <BR-->
<TR><TD> search Content <td><input NAME = "Data_search" TYPE = "text" value= "" SIZE = "></TD>"
<TR><TD> index filename <td><input name = "Index_file" TYPE = "text" value= "" SIZE = "></TD>"
<TR><TD> Index title <td><input NAME = "Index_title" TYPE = "text" value= "" SIZE = "></TD>"
<!--tr><td> from <input NAME = "s_id" TYPE = "text" value= "1" SIZE = "4" ><td>
The start <input NAME = "Step" TYPE = "text" value= "SIZE" = "4" >, altogether. Echo $r _count?> record. </TD></TR-->
<TR><TD> Article Classification </TD>
<select size= "1" name= "Catalog" TYPE = "int" >
<option selected value= "One" > Language theory </OPTION>
<option value= > History </OPTION>
<option value= > Chinese philosophy </OPTION>
<option value= "A" > Other </OPTION>
?<!--OPTION selected value= "One" > Language theory </OPTION-->
&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD colspan=3 align=center>
<input NAME = "submit" VALUE = "submit" TYPE = "Submit" >
<input NAME = "reset" VALUE = "reset" TYPE = "Reset" ></TD>




Require "CONFIG.PHP3";
$UploadAction = 0;
$added = 0;
$die = 0;
$single _chinese=0;
$TimeLimit = 0; /* Set timeout limit time of 30 seconds set to 0 when unlimited * *
Set_time_limit ($TimeLimit);

if ($data _search== "") {
Do the entire library index
Header ("location:\progs\data_index.php3");
$msg = "The search content cannot be empty. ";
Xueroom_error_exit ($msg, $PHP _self);

$link _id= @MYSQL_CONNECT ($hostname, $dbusername, $dbpassword) OR DIE ("Cannot connect to the database!") ");
@mysql_select_db ("$dbname") or Die ("Cannot select a database!") ");
SELECT Id,file_name,artical_author from Textfile where 1 LIMIT 0, 30
if ($table = = "artical")
$sid = "artical_id";
$stitle = "Artical_title";
$sauthor = "Artical_author";
$sdata = "Artical_data";
$prog = "READFILE.PHP3";
if ($a _data== "month")
$key _where= "where origin_periodical rlike ' ^.* $data _search.* '";
if ($a _data== "data")
$key _where= "where $sdata rlike ' ^.* $data _search.* '";
if ($a _data== "title")
$key _where= "where $stitle rlike ' ^.* $data _search.* '";
if ($a _data== "author")
$key _where= "where $sauthor rlike ' ^.* $data _search.* '";

$q = "Select $sid, $stitle, $sauthor from $table where $sdata rlike ' ^.* $data _search.* ' ORDER by $stitle";
if (($a _data== "data") && (strlen ($data _search) ==2)) {
$q = "Select $sid, $stitle, $sauthor, $sdata from $table $key _where order by $stitle";
$single _chinese=1;
$q = "Select $sid, $stitle, $sauthor from $table $key _where order by $stitle";
$index _data= "";
$count = 0;
$result =@ mysql_query ($q);

if (! $result) {
$msg = "There are no records to meet the requirements. ";
Xueroom_error_exit ($msg, $PHP _self);
while ($row = @mysql_fetch_array ($result)) {
if ($single _chinese) && (!mystrpos ($row [$sdata], $data _search))
$id = $row [$sid];
$title = $row [$stitle];
$author = $row [$sauthor];
if ($table = = "Textfile")
$title =preg_replace ("/.txt/", "", $title);
$data = $row ["Artical_data"];
if (Mystrpos ($data, $data _search))//can be used to find single Chinese characters.
if (Strpos ($data, $data _search)) {//is greater than a Chinese character using this judgment, faster.
$index _data.= "<tr><td><a href=". $dataurl. " $prog? $sid = $id > $title </a><TD> Author: $author </TR> ";
$count + +;
Fputs ($fp, "<tr><td><a href=". $dataurl. " readfile.php3?artical_id= $id > $title </a><TD> Author: $author </TR> ");
// }
@mysql_free_result ($result);
Mysql_close ($link _id);
Set_time_limit (30);
if ($index _title== "") {
$index _title= "Learning and fasting information";
$index _title= $index _title. " _ ". $data _search;

$html _header= "$html _header.= "$dte _created=date (' y-m-d h:i:s ');
$html _header.= "<font color= ' maroon ' face= ' italics ' size=1> $index _describe found $count bar/query Date: $dte _created</font >$html _header.= "<table>rn";
$data = $html _header. $index _data;
$data. = "<TABLE></body>/*if (strlen ($index _file) ==0) {
Header ("content-type:text/html");
Echo $data;
$in _file= "$index _file";
$index _file= "\index\". $index _file;
$FP =indexfile ($index _file, $index _title, $index _describe);
Fputs ($fp, "found $count");
Fputs ($fp, "Query date: $dte _created</font>Fputs ($fp, "<table>rn");
Fputs ($fp, $index _data);
Fputs ($fp, "<TABLE></body>Fclose ($FP);
echo "Dot <a href= $index _url$in_file> here </a> see the newly added file index <BR>";
If (strlen ($index _file)!=0) {
$in _file= "$index _file";
$index _file= "\index\". $index _file;
$in _file= "temp.html";
$FP =indexfile ($index _file, $index _title, $index _describe);
Fputs ($fp, "found $count");
Fputs ($fp, "Query date: $dte _created</font>Fputs ($fp, "<table>rn");
Fputs ($fp, $index _data);
Fputs ($fp, "<TABLE></body>Fclose ($FP);

echo "Dot <a href= $index _url$in_file> here </a> see the newly added file index <BR>";
Header ("Location: $index _url$in_file");

echo "index file is $index _file";
echo "<br><a HREF = $PHP _self> return </A>";


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