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Obviously, I should write Black Sabbath. Heavy metal music starts from here.

Let's talk about Jack the stripper/Fairies Wear boots.

With the opening of the electric guitar singing, a strong blow began to erupt, followed by a call, followed by a random swing posture, the lead singer began to travel!

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The band from Birmingham is composed of the Division's geezer Butler, the guitar player Tony iommi, the drummer Bill Ward, and the singer Osbourne ostrap. In 1969, the band changed its original name "Earth" to "Black Sabbath". They were famous for using pure sounds, simplified music, and magical associations. In 1970, the first album named "Black Sabbath" was released. Their second album, "Paranoid", also made an instant sensation. The band's performances combine the theme of nuclear war and death, and show drugs, bad luck and destruction of youth rebellion, and the appeal of the Team is based on the one-on-one Determination of young audiences. But almost no radio station is happy to play their albums. The most famous ones are masters of reality and Sabbath bloody Sabbath. Their tours are almost full. In 1980s, Black Sabbath's staff were constantly changing, and only iommo remained in the band. In 1990s, Black Sabbath was gradually forgotten, but their early albums still inspired the new generation of band and audience.

Today's heavy metals are in Northern Europe.

Heavy metals can be said to be the biggest branch of rock music since 1970s, or the most orthodox rock music ., The Branch is extremely complex and refined. We recommend a magazine and Heavy music, which is a good reference for understanding heavy metals.

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Heavy metal music Classification
Black Metal black metal

The main appeal is evil, pagination worship, and Satan's thoughts. It is usually classified as black metal when the lyrics contain anti-Christ and anti-religion tendencies, except for traditional heavy metal fixed instruments; i'm confused, and I'm confused. √ I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm still wondering why I'm talking about it! Can the Anlong Yao Yue vinegar staff go back to the scene? BR>
Representative band: Emperor, mayhem, enslaved, dark funeral

Death Metal death metal

Lefeng evolved from the background of "hitting metal" or "grinding core. Electric guitar fast repetition, a few melody-less chords, a pair of hot-hitting drums, the lead singer gritted his teeth, and the lyrics were themed with death hatred, it is full of abnormal words such as corpses, guts, dismembers, zombie, zombie, pedago, zombie, abuse, etc. Since the "death metal", heavy metal bands in Florida are the most representative.

Representative band: death, carcass, Cannibal Corpse, suffocation

Doom metal destroys Metals

The pace and speed are both very slow. Less intense and less aggressive, but still quite weighty music. There are usually very clean music and songs, but sometimes there are also brutal sounds.

Typical band: solstmaeturnus, Cathedral, and Candlemass

GLA metal gorgeous metal

It usually refers to a heavy metal band's stage performance or external image to attract fans with exaggerated makeup or handsome appearance. Most of these bands are idol groups. The music style of "gorgeous Metal" is not too heavy, and the lyrics are not too deep. It is a popular heavy metal music and is a branch of mainstream metals.

Representative Orchestra: Kiss, poison, warrant, twisted sister, Motley Crue

Goth Metal
The Goth Metal is surrounded by the dark and noisy cold atmosphere and heavy metal aggression of the Goth rock. It is found in the sense of drama and religion, there is an intermediate position in the two styles of lyrical attractiveness. Gots metal, antique, metal band, like rainbow, Dio, And Judas Priest have been described as secondary voices of gots, without more features, except that the real Goth Metal is always directly influenced by goth rock, the synthesizer effect and the phantom feeling are equally important as the guitar replay. Therefore, the Goth Metal often keeps the request audience standing at both ends of the balance. Goth Metal first emerged in the middle of 1980s, centered in Los Angeles, and is often called the "death metal", the place headed by Christian death. Many gothic metal bands, after jumping in the United States and Europe, broke out in a wider audience of alternative metals in 1990s using tongue-in-cheek Type 0 negative. During the next 10 years, Goth Metal was also considered to have a significant impact on the path of black metal bands looking for new ones to make their voices even deeper.

Representative Orchestra: Evanescence, tristania, theathe of Tragedy

Goth rock goth rock

The term aesthetics and obfuscation are often misunderstood. Gothic is a major branch of the former punk that existed in the middle of 1980s. It deserves this honor to a great extent because of its dark and gloomy characteristics formed in the underground rock, even though today it honors more from the band's dramatic costumes and its followers. In terms of sound quality, goth adopts a cool synthesizer effect, and processes the sound of the former punk guitar to create a bad omen, sad feeling, usually a spectacular sound background. In the early days, its lyrics were often self-reflective and intense for the individual, but its poetic sensitivity quickly led to the transition of taste to romantic literature, pathology, religious thoughts and supernatural mysteries. Gothic is not a popular style in a strict sense. It is given a gorgeous poetic tendency, a heartless and sad la S and endless drama. However, it has made an investment and a prosperous sub-culture, so that its aesthetic concept exists after a long period of music. The godfather of Goth is Joy Division, a former British punk leader. His cold, remote, forced introspection music and lyrics laid the foundation for the original structure of Goth. But for all the intentions and purposes, "Bela lugosis dead" is the one that truly gives the Gothic life, from Bauhaus's first album in 1979. The cool ex-punk band like the cure and Siouxsie & the Banshees already have the perfect Gothic style at the same time and their heavy music, threatening costumes and black costumes have become an important part of fan worship. When the prestige of Gothic spread in a sensitive area separated by teenagers (originally in the UK, where most of the Gothic band originated, followed by the United States, its consciousness becomes more and more eccentric, and its initial tone develops slightly. The cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees and the Mission UK become more popular and alternative components in their music, when the Sisters of Mercy, fields of the Nephilim and the American band Christian death use heavy, often influenced by metal. At the end of 1980s, the original Gothic movement no longer exists, but this music mutates into a new form and continues to influence many dark metal genres. During the 1990s S, goth began to use industrial music to generate a mix that simultaneously attracted both sides, in the same dark tide genre (they also integrated the 80 s synthesizer with the fantasy pop) same. In the second half of 1990s, we can also see that the influence of the Gothic band suddenly appeared in heavy metals. A new reform of the dark metal band imitated many Gothic voices and styles, when some alternative metal bands also follow the Goth visual effects (including Marilyn Manson, they do not care much about the negative comments not part of the Goth style ).


Similar to the "punk" but very weighty music, the lead singer's deep roar, electric guitar, and so on, coupled with extremely fast and repetitive beats and intensive drums, it is a music of a few melodious heavy metals. The length of the music is very short, ranging from two seconds to three minutes. "Grinding core" is an extremely uncommon heavy metal music style, which is used by most "Death Metal" bands.

Representative band: Napalm Death

Grunge metal junk (decadent)
Synonym for alternative rock. Metal-like rock, which originated from Seattle, basically belongs to alternative rock rather than heavy metals.

Representative band: Nirvana (Kurt), Pearl Jam, mudhoney, Alice in chains

Hardcore Core

Originated from "punk", the lyrics are outspoken and crude, and music is like noise.

Hard Rock
Music that is less than metallic music.

Representative band: foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, heart, Cinderella

Heavy metal Heavy Metals

"Heavy Metal" must have a roar or high-definition voice, a lot of distorted sound on the electric guitar, and then fill the background space with intensive and fast drums and a strong bass, it constitutes a type of improved Rock Roll with high explosive power, fast speed, weight and destructive elements. Generally, it refers to the heavy metals in the traditional main genre or the heavy metals that cannot be classified into other heavy metals.

Representative bands: AC/DC, accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, W. a.s. P.

Industrial metal
It uses a large number of cold Computer Sampling sound effects, and uses the impact sound of mechanical or metal appliances to replace the traditional percussion instrument. In addition to the electronic beats, it is like the heavy metal music of the Technical dance music, however, the distortion of heavy metals is retained.

Representative band: fear factory, ministry, Nine Inch Nails

Neo-classical metal
Deep in classical music, adding a large number of classical music elements to heavy metal music.

Representative band: Angra

Pop metal pop metal

Adding the element of pop music to heavy metal rock is a compromise between heavy metal rock and popular music. It is a heavy metal rock that is easily accepted by music consumers in the mainstream market.

Representative band: def category pard, Mr big, white lion

Power metal strong metal

It has a speed similar to "Speed metal" and a "whip Metal" weight, but the melody is not as good as "Speed metal", and the explosive power is not as good as "whip Metal ".

Representative band: Panthers, armored saint, wild dogs

Progressive metal avant-garde metal

The style is different from the traditional heavy metal. In a song, a large number of complicated and gorgeous orchestrations are used, or some forward ideas are conveyed in the lyrics to give the listener a space to think.

Representative band: queensryche, fate warning, dream theater


The lyrics convey some rebellious ideas and dissatisfaction with the living environment, culture, society, and politics. However, music lacks coordination and has no specific style. It is a rather noisy music, usually a group of people who can make the instrument sound can form a punk band.

Representative band: clash, Sex Pistols

Speed metal speed metal

Speed is its main characteristic. It is often confused with the "whip Metal". Generally, the "Speed metal" music is more melody-oriented, and the lyrics of the lead singer are clearer. The guitar plays a strong melody and is fast and smooth; however, "Hitting the metal" lacks Melody. It focuses on speed, weight, compression, and destructive power. Generally, the musicians of the "whip Metal" band and the "Speed metal" band have superb musical instrument playing skills.

Representative band: helloween, gamma ray, riot, rage

Thrash Metal whip metal

The speed is also extremely fast, with a fairly fast repeat cycle (riff), the sound of the electric guitar is flushed out of a tough chord, extremely destructive and pressure on the double drum, with the rapid pace of the electric guitar, the lead singer quickly sang a few music-less music. The heavy metal band from the San Francisco Bay area is the most representative since the "hitting metal.

Representative bands: Metallica, megadeth, Slayer, anthrax, Death Angel, testament, Exodus, destruction, kreator, coroner, overkill

In 1960s, only Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the doors were available in the UK. At that time, hard rock bands like the kinks and the WHO had their own music fields, the WHO has already created an outstanding work like my generation, a rock-and-roll classic. However, it may be easier for us to start with a band called The yardbirds in 1964, because it was this short-lived band that contributed three guitar masters to the Hard Rock music industry: eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Although only Jimmy Page was later on the heavy metal line, it is undeniable whether it's Eric Clapton's band cream, Jeff Beck, and Pete Townshend (the WHO) and other electric guitar musicians, according to their own understanding, make the traditional blues music louder and more intense, in addition, the electric guitar, which was a new instrument at the time, became one of the most important instruments in hard rock music. The wide use of the distortion effect of the electric guitar is one of the basic features of heavy metals.

If you say that you are the one who contributes the most to the performance of an electric guitar, you need to calculate the great Jimi Henderson Rix. The Seattle guitar genius was amazing in the UK-the superb electric guitar control capabilities he showed in the 1967 classic works, hi Joe and purple haze, undoubtedly worships countless players. Although he only shines like a meteor for three years in rock music, however, his contribution to electric guitar playing skills is immeasurable-many of the techniques in heavy metal music were first developed by Jimi, therefore, many heavy metal players regard Jimi Henderson Rix as their idol.
However, Jimi Henderson rix and his Jimi Henderson Rix experience are not heavy metal bands, because Jimi music focuses more on the Performance of guitar playing techniques, in addition, his playing style inevitably carries traces of Bruce music. In fact, the hard rock music of 1960s is nothing more than the blues that strengthened the rhythm, amplified the volume, and used a lot of electro-acoustic instruments. This is quite different from the heavy metals in the future-in my opinion, the most essential feature of heavy metals is the use of strong distortion effect electric guitar riff to create an imposing and magnificent effect, while blues focuses more on expressing a strange temperament. For this reason, there was no real heavy metal music throughout the 1960s S, until the great black sabbath released their first album of the same name in 1970, it marks the true birth of metal music.
Among the many hard rock bands in 1960s, three were worth special attention-Led Zeppelin, deep purple, and Earth. Led Zeppelin does not have to be said. Many comments even think that the 1960s Led Zeppelin has already created heavy metals. Indeed, at that time, Led Zeppelin's music already had many features of heavy metal music, such as strong distortion, high bay volume, and focus on guitar performance, but it still had a lot of traces of Bruce. (In fact, I think Led Zeppelin has never been a pure heavy metal band, but this does not prevent it from becoming a great rock band .) Jimmy Page plays an important role in Led Zeppelin music. His unique distorted sound quality and energetic performances constitute one of the most important features of Zeppelin music. Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore is also an outstanding guitar player. Unlike Jimmy Page, he is quick and straightforward, his interest in classical music also led Deep Purple to become an avant-garde metal band after 1970s. Earth is the predecessor of Black Sabbath. Without Black Sabbath, it is hard to say whether there will be heavy metals today.
In addition, some other bands are also worth noting-Golden Earring, vanilla fudge, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf (this band was the first to use the word heavy metal, but it was used to describe the sound of a speeding motorcycle) grand Funk Railroad, free, humble pie, Uriah Heep and so on. These are basically hard rock bands established in the late 1960s S. After Entering 1970s, many of them have achieved great success. In the United States on the other side of the ocean, although it was in a wave of hippiness sweeping across the country, the force of hard rock is far less as large as it is in the UK, however, band names such as Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly, Mountain, and Blue Cheer are also famous, there were also some classic works such as mountain's Mississippi Queen at the end of 69, and Iron Butterfly's 17-minute single in a gadda Davide released in 68 years, blue Cheer's 68-year-old album vincebus eruptum is also an outstanding album. However, in any case, compared with the British hard community at that time, the Hard Rock in the United States has not yet formed a big climate.

In short, in 1960s, with the exploration and efforts of many outstanding rock musicians, the sprout of heavy metal music has been produced. Now, there is a real pioneer.
Everything about heavy metals should first be mentioned in the same name-Black Sabbath. In 1970, Black Sabbath, formerly known as Earth, released its first album, Black Sabbath, which ignited the fire of heavy metals. Although this band's album of the same name still has obvious traces of Bruce, however, Toni iommi's powerful distortion riff, ow.osbourne's bad singing, geezer Bulter's provocative heavy shell, Bill Ward's violent drumming, and band's involvement in dark and evil theme this album is undoubtedly different from the hard rock music at that time. Later in just a few years from 70 to 73, Black Sabbath released several great albums, including paranoid (1970), master of reality (1971), Vol.4 (1972) and Sabbath bloody Sabbath (1973 ). In these albums, such as N. i. b. outstanding works such as Black Sabbath, War Pigs, paranoid, Iron Man, electric funeral, children of the grave, into the void, and Sabbath bloody Sabbath, sabbath presents these masterpiece to the world as a powerful, charming, and appealing music, which was later named heavy metal ).
Heavy Metal/hard rock bands that were able to sit on par with Black Sabbath in the same period also included great Led Zeppelin and deep purple. Led Zeppelin became famous in 1960s, and its two albums released at the end of 1960s were regarded as the classic work of hard rock music. After 1970s, led Zeppelin has released Led Zeppelin III (1970) and Led Zeppelin Iv (1971), which has produced classic works such as Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, and Black Dog, in this way, the band's prestige has reached a higher level. However, perhaps because of the influence of the guitar player Jimmy Page on the yardbirds, Led Zeppelin has never been able to completely break away from the white "hard" Bruce style and become a heavy metal band in the full sense. Deep Purple was founded in the end of 1960s. After Entering 1970s, the band released albums in Rock (1970), fire ball (1971), and machine head (1972 ), in 73 years, made in Japan, one of the typical live albums of heavy metals, was released. The band's guitar player Richie Blackmore's superb guitar skills are a magic weapon for Deep Purple, his preference for classical music and the wide use of band synthesizer have also made deep purple the earliest band in the ssive metal style. The 1972 album "Machine Head" included classic works such as highway star and smoke on the water, so it was regarded as one of the heavy metal albums.
Many hard rock bands, founded in the end of 1960s, started to turn to heavy metal after entering 1970s. Most of these bands have been forgotten by most people today, however, they have also made great contributions to the development of heavy metal music. Among them, outstanding representatives include Uriah Heep, Bruce-colored hard rock band foghat and bad company, tough status quo, trapeze with a folk charm, free and Nazareth., more attention should be paid to a band called Budgie, the band's 72-year release of squawk and 73-year never turn your back on a friend laid its position in the heavy metal industry, it also laid a solid foundation for the band to become one of the earliest representatives of nwobhm (new wave of British heavy metal). I will wait for a detailed introduction of this band.
Before turning our eyes to the United States on the other side of the ocean, we should finally mention Apirl wine from Europe and the scorpions that will appear later. The latter's guitar Micheal Schenker later joined the UFO band, however, the lack of heavyweight Heavy Metal/hard rock bands in continental Europe 73 years ago is indeed an indisputable fact.

In the 1970s S, heavy metals and hard rock in the United States have also made great strides. First, mountain's album Nantucket sleighride released in 1970 continued the success of mountain climbing, followed by Alice Cooper's release of the classic album Love it to death in 1971, next we will see Blue Oyster Cult, which teamed up with Black Sabbath for the famous "black and blue" tour at the end of 1970s-it released its first album in 1972, just like Black Sabbath, it also selects the band name as the album name. However, at that time, what really echoed Black Sabbath from a music perspective was an obscure band Sir lord baltimore, their 70-year-old album kingdom come, the second in 71, and the last one, Sir lord baltimore, are still charming for nearly 30 years. Of course, there is also the concert mad Ted Nugent. In fact, Ted Nugent started his tour with the Amboy Dukes band in 1967. After Entering 1970s, his large-scale tour throughout the United States has reached the peak-more than 300 performances each year from 70 to 73! This tireless guy can be said to scatter the fire of Heavy Metals in every inch of the United States.

As a result, the flames of Heavy Metals ignited.

In 1974, Led Zeppelin released physical graffitti, a newspaper writer Nick Kent described the album as "heavy metal in 82 minutes and 30 seconds. Since then, heavy metal music has its own name. Even so, in the UK, the birthplace of heavy metal music, the development of heavy metals was somewhat embarrassing-Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and deep purple, the three major heavy metal music bands in early 1970s, were not doing well in the middle of 1970s-Black Sabbath seemed to have lost inspired by the past, their several sabatage (1975), Technical ecasty (1976), and never say die (1977) albums after Sabbath bloody Sabbath are far from reaching their top five albums, however, the band members are immersed in the temptation of drugs, and Led Zeppelin, after a full rest for a year, although the 75-year-old album physical graffitti was a great success, but then the lead singer Robert Plant had a car accident and the band had to rest for another six months. In the spring of 76, Led Zeppelin released the album presence, but fans were disappointed with the cold attitude of this album, and plant's bad luck seemed to continue, just two months after the band began its 77-year tour, his son died again due to illness. As a result, the Led Zeppelin completely interrupted the tour, and the prospect of Led Zeppelin was dim for a while; the most disappointing and pity is deep purple. Due to the boss style of Richie Blackmore's exclusive line, the band was torn apart after the album stormbringer (1974) was released, later, Riche Blackmore joined the rainbow band to continue his music career and released Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975) and rainbow rising (1976) albums, the deep purple that lost Blackmore was soon forgotten by fans.

In the UK, there are more than three heavy-metal/hard-rock bands that are on the decline. The free group and trapeze have left the Deep Purple team due to the division of the bass/lead singer, Glenn Hughes, and the loss of strength is already in the early 1970s S, after the middle of 1970s, Uriah Heep, an outstanding avant-garde metal band, began to decline after 72 to 75 years of prime time. Lead singer David byron left in 1977.

Of course, the British heavy metal industry is not completely miserable. Like Nazareth, this outstanding Heavy Metal/hard rock band from Scotland released several amazing albums in the middle of 1970s, for example, when 'n' proud (1974), hair of the dog (1975), close enough for Rock n roll (1976), its success continued until 1980s. There are also UFOs. After Michael Schenker, the guitar player in the original scorpions band, joined the band, he successively released phenomenon (1974), force it (1975), and lights out (1977) an outstanding album that is well-applauded.

Budgie is another band worth special attention. In fact, Budgie released the band's first album in 1971. (Interestingly, the band also chooses the band name as the album name .) Squawk (1972), never turn your back on a friend (1973), in for the kill (1974) music in is the kind of heavy and mixed guitar riff that features blues. After joining the band in 1975, steve williams, an outstanding drummer, turned the style of the band into a very straightforward hard rock music and won wide attention with the bandolier album released in 1975. The band's subsequent album, if I were Britannia, I 'd waive the Rules (1976), was so relaxed and relaxed, but now it becomes the favorite of collectors.

Another band that cannot be mentioned is Judas Priest. Although its first album rocka Rolla (1974) was not satisfactory for various reasons, two years later, the band's innovative pair Gigi (K. k. dowing and Glenn titon) the five-member lineup took their distinguished album the Sad Wings of destiny back to heavy metal music and began their more than 20 years of music legends.

If our eyes are not limited to heavy metal music, there is also a band named queen. This band's first album, Queen (also named as the album name), is a typical hard rock/heavy metal style, however, in the subsequent albums Queen II and sheer heart attack, they began to gradually integrate into avant-garde rock, classical music, and gorgeous rock style, the band's 75-year album, a night at the opera, has made it an immortal classic in rock music history. Many avant-garde metal bands in later generations have admitted that they have benefited a lot from Queen's music.

In England, thin likes, created by a black man named Phil Lynott, enriches the heavy metal/Hard Rock music field from another aspect. Thin likes also adopt dual-homophone guitar, but unlike Judas Priest, Lynott, the band's soul character, is more focused on expressing a realistic style of poetry, his singing has also incorporated the charm of some black songs. Thin likes is not a heavy metal band, but it has a negligible impact on heavy metal music-not only in the band's 75-year album fighting and the subsequent outstanding album jailbreak, he also trained some guitar experts, such as Gary Moore. 75 and 76 years are the heyday of thin lihu.

However, during this period, we should also pay attention to the wide development of heavy metal music in the world. The content in this regard remains to be further discussed in the next chapter.

Let's take this opportunity to discuss it. Friends who can provide connections can help post the Audio Information of the related band singers. Let's make a small heavy metal music journey together !!!

In the same period (the middle of 1970s), the development of heavy metals in the United States was booming. Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and other heavy metal "Predecessors" are not old, while bands like Blue Oyster Cult And UFO begin to enter their heyday-1974, blue Oyster Cult released their first secret treaties to the top 100 albums after experiencing the frustrations of the first two albums, in this album, the band established the sci-fi horror theme as the starting point of music and carried it forward in future albums agents of Fortune (1976) and spectres (1977. Even more exciting is the emergence of two emerging bands-Aerosmith and kiss. Aerosmith can be said to be the ancestor of popular metals. Their pleasure disposition and pursuit of sensory stimulation in songs make them different from other heavy metal bands, 75 years of toys in the attic and 76 years of rocks is undoubtedly the earliest model of popular metal music. Kiss attracts the attention of the public media as soon as it debuted. However, this band does not rely on Facebook alone, and its music is indeed quite artistic, some of their early albums kiss and hotter than hell were rare in the history of heavy metals, and the 75-year live concert album alive! This album was also regarded as one of the most outstanding live albums of heavy metals. Among the well-known American heavy metal/hard rock bands, mountain may be in a miserable situation. In 1972, they released their live album mountain live and then broke it, although there were some signs of coming back in, they eventually fell short. Leslie West, the band's guitar, was later in west, where Bruce and Laing continued their hard rock career, however, his influence is far inferior to that of the former.

In the same period, the development of heavy metals was not limited to the United States and the United States. In 1974, the album fly to the rainbow released by the German National Treasure heavy metal band scorpions marked the beginning of their music career. Although the band's guitar Michael Schenker was dug up by UFO, the band was not discouraged, the 76-year release of virgin killer brought the band to its first peak in their career. (Please note that scorpions's early style is pure tough style heavy metal, rather than the popular metal in the future .) In 1974, a Canadian band named rush began to be known. Their first two albums, rush (1974) and fly by night (1975), were in a rock-and-roll style similar to Led Zeppelin, and they began to become avant-garde from the 1975 album caress of steel. In 1976, rush released the famous concept album 2112, in which the band cleverly integrated a variety of music elements into the main structure of heavy metals, this forms Rush's unique avant-garde and hard rock style, and makes the band a shining pearl in rock music history. Rush's 1977 concert album all the world's a stage and album a farewell to Kings further strengthened the band's position in 2112.

In Oceania, which is far away from Europe and America, heavy metals also appeared around 1975. These two albums, high voltage and t.n.t., belong to a young band called AC/DC. The blue-collar heavy metal band became Australia's most influential Heavy Metal/hard rock group with these two albums. However, the band's real success was after they logged on to the UK in 1976 and released the album dirty deeds done dirt cheap. (After all, their first two albums only have about 0.1 million sales in Australia, which is widely used .)

Heavy metal music in this period has been far away from us. Many bands have not mentioned it in this article or in the previous article, for example, Foghat, April Wine, Blackfoot, and Spinal Tap. However, they all had their own skies. More is the band that has been annihilated in the unknown time, maybe their music is equally good, but today's people are hard to understand.

In September 20, 1976, several bands headed by Sex Pistols held their first public performances, marking the arrival of punk music. What happened subsequently was almost unimaginable-the music swept across Britain within a year, which was so badly hated by countless people. In October 1977, Sex Pistols released the album Nevermind the bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols. At this time, punk music is in its heyday. The jam, Gen X, the clash, the damned ......

It is precisely because of the popularity of punk music in the UK that the development momentum of heavy metals has been curbed. Of course, this situation is also caused by the heavy metal band itself-many of the band's self-indulgence and Jiang Lang did their best to provide a factual basis for punk band to attack the complex and lengthy heavy metals, it also moved many fans away from heavy metal music they once loved. Black Sabbath is the most striking example: neither the band's 76-year-old technical ecasty nor the 77-Year-Old never say die is much inferior to their work a few years ago. Drug addiction and fame-caused lazy quickly exhausted the band's talents, and eventually led the lead singer ow.osbourne to leave in 1979. Another heavy metal giant, Led Zeppelin, is busy at this time. The sudden death of his son makes Rober plant have no interest in music and the band is isolated from the rest of the world. The decline of thin likes is equally surprising. Although the band's soul character lead singer Phil Lynott is supportive of the rise of punk music, the punks do not appreciate it, because thin likes's music style is a typical one that is to be put at your criticism. Although Lynott tried to change the style to get closer to punk music, it turned out that the band's hardcore fans began to feel disappointed with the change. The rainbow led by Richie Blackmore did a good job. Although the band members had changed, they always insisted on their own style and eventually achieved commercial success by 78 years of Long live rock 'n' roll. Another old-fashioned hard rock band Nazareth was wise enough to hold its position in Scotland, their 77-year album expert no mercy and 78-year album no mean city have made great achievements in Scotland.

However, the real backbone of heavy metal music in this period was not those long-known old band, but two cutting-edge, Judas Priest and Motorhead. Since Judas Priest's 1976 album the Sad Wings of destiny, the 77-year sin after sin and 78-year stained glass are still powerful. The other band Motorhead appeared a little later than Judas Priest. They released their first album Motorhead Chiswick in, which is punk-flavored, but does not mean Motorhead is punk. On the contrary, the band has always been praised for its absolute loyalty to heavy metals, and its tough guy makes those punk bands that have always been hostile to heavy metals do not dare to say anything to Motorhead. It can be said that these two bands were a little angry with heavy metals when Punk music swept across the UK, and laid the foundation for the fierce new wave of heavy metals in the future, judas Priest and Motorhead, along with the well-known Budgie, were also seen as the prototype of the British new wave of heavy metals. (Of course, if you want to, you can calculate the quartz of the first album released in 77 years .)

In the same period, the heavy metal music industry in the United States was relatively stable. This was mainly because punk music had been closed in the United States and was basically not recognized. Therefore, it gave me a relatively loose development space for heavy metals. Like the kiss and Aerosmith that appeared in the middle of 1970s, they have become the new favorites of heavy metal fans, and old heroes like Ted Nugent and Blue Oyster Cult continue their successes, ted Nugent also released an amazing album cat scratch fever in. In addition, there are also hard-style adult rock bands, Boston and cheap trick are representative of the band, which are more technical and not too aggressive, so they can attract adult audiences, however, the style of the music itself is relatively hard, and it is quite a pleasure for heavy metal/hard rock fans, so it has achieved considerable success.

In regions outside the United States and America, the leading actors are still ac/dc and scorpions. AC/DC, after releasing the band's fourth album let there be rock, changed the Division's hand and started to enter the United States. Their tour in the United States was also successful. Scorpions used the 76-year album virgin killer to win the band's success, and released the album taken by force in 77 years.

In the past 78 years, a movie named Saturday night fever swept across the United States, and the dynamic dance of the hero in the film fascinated countless teenagers, coupled with the help of several bands such as Bee Gees, the US is involved in the disco craze. This wave of disco is booming, and many heavy metal bands seem helpless under its impact. Kiss is obviously one of the most unsearchable bands. From the album Love Gun to the disco style, the 79-year album Dynasty shows that kiss has completely become a mediocre pop band, peter Criss, a member of the band, left because he was not satisfied with the band. The 80-year unmasked may be regarded as one of the worst albums of kiss. Aerosmith is not much better. Several members of the band made the same mistake as Black Sabbath's fame-drug-obsessed and voice-driven, this made the band unable to get any decent work during this period. Fortunately, there was another band, Van Halen, despite the first two albums, Van Halen (1978) and Van Halen II (1979) since the impact of the disco wave has not been very successful in business, however, the superb playing skills of the guitar player Eddie Van Halen and the stage performances of the lead singer David Lee Roth haomai undoubtedly show the future of the band, and the future performance of the band also confirms this. In addition, there is also a women's band, The Runaways is also worth noting, the style of this band is not a heavy metal, but a punk-colored hard rock, however, the band members Joan Jett and Lita Ford became very active in the heavy metals field in 1980s. The early albums of the runaways (1976), queens of noise (1977), and Mama weer all crazee now (1978) are of great artistic value. In addition, we should mention ZZ Top and Blackfoot from South America, although their music cannot be counted as heavy metals, however, in the end of 1970s, the United States had opened up a position for hard rock.

Let's look at the situation in the UK. The punk tide is fast but fast: Sex Pistols was dissolved in 78 years. What followed the dust was the damned... in the past 79 years, punk music has completed its historical mission and replaced it with a batch of post-punk/new wave bands represented by Joy Division, the cure, siouxie & Banshees. At this time, the British heavy metal industry is also busy again. The most dazzling band is the rising Judas Priest and Motorhead. Their albums released in 78 and 79 are classic works in the history of heavy metals, this includes Judas Priest's stained glass, hell bent for leather, and unleashed in the east (one of the most typical heavy metal live albums), and Motorhead overkill and bomber. Of course, if we have already mentioned Judas Priest and Motorhead, the prototype band of the British new wave of heavy metals, next we must mention lightning to the nations (1979), The White Album of Diamond Head ). This is also a great album. Although only 2,000 were released at that time, it was enough for future generations to serve as one of the most outstanding representatives of the British New Wave heavy metal band. The heavy metals in the UK's new wave will be detailed later. During this period, old heavy metal bands were also unwilling to be lonely. First, Rainbow released the band's best commercial album Long live rock 'n' roll in 78 years, UFO also released the album obsession in the same year. What's interesting is that the two bands were subsequently changed by personnel-the UFO player Michael Schenker returned to scorpions, the leading singer of rainbow, Dio, also left the development team. The departure of members seems to have become a trend, and the next thing will make almost all heavy metal fans kill-the lead singer of Black Sabbath, ow.osbourne, who has been addicted to drugs all day long and has been fired. Although Black Sabbath pulled Dio to the team to replace OOB, the departure of OOB undoubtedly officially announced the end of the Sabbath era. Since then, Black Sabbath has never been surprised. Led Zeppelin, after finishing for a long time, also released the album in through the out door before the end of 79 years. This album was commercially successful in both Britain and the United States, this makes Zeppelin fans excited.

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