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D: \ test> copy /? Copy one or more files to another location. Copy [/d] [/V] [/n] [/Y |/-y] [/Z] [/L] [/A |/B] source [/ |/B] [+ source [/A |/B] [+...] [destination [/A |/B] source specifies the file to be copied. /A indicates an ASCII text file. /B indicates a binary file. /D allows decryption of the target file to be created. Destination specifies a directory and/or file name for the new file. /V verify that the new file is written correctly. /N when copying a file with a non-8dot3 name, try to use a short file name. /Y does not use the prompt to confirm whether to overwrite the existing target file. /-Y indicates whether to overwrite the existing target file. /Z: Use the restart mode to copy connected files. /L if the source is a symbolic link, copy the link to the target instead of the actual file pointed to by the source link. The command line switch/y can be preset in the copycmd environment variable. This may be replaced by/-y on the command line. Unless the Copy command is executed in a batch processing script, the default value should be a prompt during overwriting. To attach a file, specify a file for the target and specify several files for the source (using wildcards or file1 + file2 + file3 format ).

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