Cordys BOP 4 Platform Development Walkthrough--Process Modeling development (BPM)

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1. Start of Process modeling

In the workspace project, this article name is: Training_wsapp. Create a BPM folder in the project root directory, then right-click on the new->business process model component in the pop-up menu for process modeling development.

Figure 1

Figure 2

2. Graphical modeling

On the business Process Model Workbench, graphical, drag-and-drop flow charts are drawn.

Figure 3

(1) Configure the form for the BPM process (new)

Figure 4

Note: Publish the form

Figure 5

In the business Process model interface, select Workspace in its lower-left corner

Figure 6

Drag and drop the form interface bpmtestinterface to each activity link, as shown in.

Figure 7

In the process of dragging the form, the system will ask if the replacement link name is the form name, do not replace, click the "No" button directly.

Figure 8

(2) configuration process parameter delivery: message

The activity link has the entrance, the export parameter, in the activity link participates in the entry and the data item on the form to relate.

Figure 9

(2.1) Create a message Map

Figure 10

(2.2) Create a message before creating its element

Figure 11

(2.3) First, set the boot node to incoming message

Figure 12

Select a specific message

Figure 13

(2.4) Link Entry parameter (Pre Assignments)

Message input, output from source to target, check to assignment.

Figure 14

The results are as follows:

Figure 15

(2.5) Link exit, exit (Post Assignments), after processing the submission, export the resources to the process messages message

In the leadership approval interface, NS2:***MODEL_OP, as output, passes the value of the interface to the message in the process.

Figure 16

Note: All process links are usually set to pass the parameter message and correspond to the key data items that are hosted on the form above.

3, commissioning, testing process

Figure 17

(1) Single Step Tracking debugging interface

Figure 18

4, about the message to emphasize the description, use

In the project, use a unified message definition, as follows:

(1) Export the defined message definition XML Schema

Figure 19

(2) Glue out show XML content

(3) Import the build message in other BPM

(4) Import XML Schema

Figure 20

5. Setting decision-making links

Diamond Link is the Judgment node, for the Process branch processing, as shown in the branch, the leader agreed to take the buyer procurement links, otherwise go to re-modify the application of single link, re-approval.

Figure 21

As shown in 21, select the input condition: Condition

Figure 22

With the Replace Content with fixed value setting, pass fixed/specific values.

6. Debug Test

Figure 23

Note: process instance management, Process Instance Manager requires a clear flow description to facilitate the use of process instance management.

7, through the Xform form, start the process

(1) Start the process through the Xform interface

Create a new Teststartbpmxform and add the START Process button.

Figure 24

Figure 25

As shown in 25, in the new model (Manager models, select "+"), the model name is called Startbpmmodel.

Figure 26

(Note: Medium business object is wrong, should be Startbpmmodel)

(2) Write button processing script code

function Start_click (eventobject)
var req = startbpm.xmldocument;

Cordys.setnodetext (req, ".//*[local-name () = ' goodsname ']", Goodsname.getvalue ());

Cordys.setnodetext (req, ".//*[local-name () = ' counts ']", Counts.getvalue ());
Cordys.setnodetext (req, ".//*[local-name () = ' price ']", Price.getvalue ());

Startbpmmodel.setmethodrequest (req);

Startbpmmodel.reset ();
var resp=startbpmmodel.getdata ();
var instanceid=cordys.getnodetext (resp, ".//*[local-name () = ' instance_id ']");
Instanceid.setvalue (InstanceID);

(3) Set process instance model name

In Workspace, select the BPM folder under BPMTest2, right-click menu, and choose Properties. Get Soap

Figure 27

Using the qualified name content, put the "." Replace with "/". As shown in 28, and switch the tab page to the XML page at the bottom of the interface.

Figure 28

<xml xmlns= "" id= "Startbpmmodel">
<soap:envelope xmlns:soap= "" >
<executeprocess xmlns= "" type= "" >
<test xmlns= "Http://" >
<goodsname xmlns= "Http://" > Pens </goodsName>
<counts xmlns= "Http://" >10</counts>
<price xmlns= "Http://" >8</price>

In the code above <receiver>bpm/bpmtest2</receiver> for the process SOAP request name. This process instance is visible in Process Instance Manager monitoring management.

Figure 28

8. Test process to be done

Figure 29

Because of the limited time, the shortcomings, welcome to discuss feedback.

Cordys BOP 4 Platform Development Walkthrough--Process Modeling development (BPM)

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