Core game algorithm round 16 -- Wu Hao teaches you how to play Pokemon

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I have already done so.

There is no error with the golden finger. Of course, the previous golden finger is not as perfect as it is now. I want to say that the previous functions of the Golden finger seem to be just the accumulation of money and the substantial increase in experience values, which is not perfect. Moreover, when adjusting the golden finger, you also need to set parameters like writing code, which is very troublesome and belongs to a professional level.

Nowadays, in order to pursue a better 3D image quality, people are playing a variety of Pokemon games on computers or PSP. The game modifier is also complicated by the original operations and has a single function, evolved to the present. The times are advancing. This is not false. However, in some ways, memory is always eternal. The past is still visible.

I remember a partner from one of my neighboring schools ran over and borrowed my GBA, saying that his GBA was faulty and that he could not use his golden finger for the moment. He had to play tricks on my machine. So, I lent my GBA to him and later found out that he had archived it on the third floor of the Four Kings Road Hall, but he couldn't do it himself and called out the original archive, it is too far away to be deadlocked. Later, with a golden finger, his ghost stone immediately rose to the ghost, and various BT tricks killed Xiao Mao easily. I told him, why didn't you use a golden finger? So easy to use?

His answer impressed me: "that would be boring. After all, these pets are also carried out by me ."

Yes! The golden finger can indeed provide a lot of convenience for the game, but if you use the golden finger frantically from the beginning, you will be stuck in the mud of the Golden finger and cannot extricate themselves. What's even more terrible is that, the gameplay of many games is ruined. After all, the designers have racked their brains at what stage you met the enemy of any level.

Because I am playing with a pocket red (the first series), I didn't use any Gold finger. When I arrived at the Pokemon gold and silver, I simply didn't need it. I feel that there is no great difficulty. The enemy's monsters are not so difficult. Moreover, it is easy to defeat those enemies after the various beasts are obtained in the future.

A period of experience, a period of life, is also a kind of cherished memories for Pokemon players. The golden finger does distort the memories to some extent. After all, when you spend a lot of time solving a tough boss, this pleasure is unimaginable, just as you have evolved Your Pokemon through great hardships.

Of course, I am not saying that the use of the Golden finger is wrong, but it will save a lot of precious memories.

As an end article, there are still many unfinished stories. For example, I would like to explain the following scenarios:

This is the secret base of an organization. There are various organs and energy pools in it. After the energy pool is pressed, it will be destroyed. When you open all the organs, all doors are opened. In hdoj 3681, there is a similar problem, similar to it.

Another famous scenario is the ghost house involved in every version of the Pokemon series ,:

This is the fourth layer of the haunted house. Unlike the figure above, the energy pool in the middle will never be destroyed. It can be said that it exists as an eternal symbol. This problem is caused by the lack of a time limit for the explosion, which is the same as the problem I encountered in the special article on Round 13, I simply did not say anything.

In the above two figures, one is that the energy pool will not be destroyed after use, and the other is that the energy pool will be destroyed after use, and the specific implementation is completely different. However, they are always evolved from one of them, just as the Gold finger of the Pokemon is constantly improved.

The power of life is soaring. However, Nintendo does not block all plug-ins, just like some online game companies. Plug-ins such as golden finger must also have their own value! So until today, they still exist in the pocket series.

From the first generation to gold and silver, from rubs to pockets, black and white, the whole series of Pokemon is extraordinary, whether it is TV, Theatrical Version, games, or even the surrounding area, I think it is not simple, after all, this is a game that profoundly affected my childhood, so I wish the Pokemon series would be even better and better!


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