Coreseek: Common Problems 2

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1.failed to lock XXXXX.SPL file

This is when you build the index will be an issue and you do not have to open the Searchd service off, since you open searchd repair, he will set up a call Xxx.spl temporary file, when the index of the construction will appear conflict

2.fatal:tokenizer initialization failure.

Dictionary path is incorrect, change the actual installation dictionary path, the default use relative path, we recommend using absolute path.

3. The fields under the command line are not always retrieved from the section. But some of the fields can be searched

The field you think you can't find, you take it as a property, you don't build a full-text index.

4. command line to be able to retrieve, but the API does not, feel the index pointing to a problem but I can't figure out what's wrong

Take a look at your service. Stop the service one time and open it again under Control Panel

5. When invoking the API, the search results are always not being brushed.

Try changing the localhost in php file to

Because the localhost computer will do an analysis, I find this problem sometimes inexplicable.

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Coreseek: Common Problems 2

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