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CAML Designer 2013

Caml Designer is a tool that helps generate CAML queries to query the SharePoint list. It can be said that there is no more efficient way to generate a CAML query automatically than the CAML designer does.

The CAML Designer 2013 is a big improvement over the previous version, and although it's not perfect, it still doesn't prevent it from becoming the best choice in the field. Its greatest feature is the automatic generation of code samples as you query.

CAML Designer 2013 Highlights:

    • Automatically generate CAML queries
    • Automatically generate the server OM code
    • Automatically generate code
    • Automatically generate Csom rest code
    • Automatically generate Web service code
    • Automatically generate PowerShell code

In fact, when you use Caml Designer 2013, you'll find that it not only generates CAML queries, it can also fragment code, allowing you to copy and paste into your code as stubs.

CAML Designer 2013:


SharePoint Manager 2013

SharePoint Manager has been there for a long time, and the 2013 version is cooler than ever. The simple and intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily navigate down the survey settings, properties, XML Schemas, and more. Most things in a SharePoint environment can be investigated from this tool.

SharePoint Manager:


ULS Viewer

The ULS Viewer is a great tool for parsing uls Log , which is very useful in SharePoint 2013, and you can also use the embedded ULS Viewer in the developer panel.

ULS Viewer Windows Application:

Windows Edition: Http://

ULS Viewer in the developer panel:


CKS Dev can be said to be inseparable from a Visual Studio plugin, this awesome extension is added to Visual Studio and now supports visual Studio2013. CKS Dev allows you to manage your development routines more effectively while coding, adding a new set of project items to your SharePoint project and improving overall development satisfaction.

: Http://

Color Palette tool (palette tools)

SharePoint 2013 brings new opportunities to build your brand. If you want to create a composite look in SharePoint 2013, try the Microsoft-provided SharePoint Color Palette Tool.


Debugger Canvas

Debugger Canvas can help you a lot during the commissioning process. If you're tired of tedious debug execution patterns and want to show your real-time tracking in a better, more hierarchical way, try debugger canvas. All the code you are calling is displayed in a single view.


Tip: Debugger Canvas can be used in VS Ultimate, and whether vs 2012 or vs 2013 is supported is yet to be tested.

SharePoint Search Tool

The search function is one of the highlights of SharePoint2013. The SharePoint Search tool lets us learn and understand how queries are formatted and allows us to easily configure a search REST query. By using the SharePoint Search tool to create your queries, you can analyze them and better understand how to adjust and modify the output.



For most experienced web developers, Fiddler is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used tools. It can replace many of the tools you are using. Fiddler is very flexible and can save you a lot of time when it comes to analyzing the client's SharePoint requests and responses efficiently.

: Http://

Spcaf–sharepoint Code Analysis Framework

SPCAF can analyze your solution and code to help you find the right direction. If you develop a less-than-good solution, you can know it in the run-to-production environment and make adjustments in a timely manner. SPCAF integrates with Visual Studio and has a standalone client application, and you can use it in your build process.


. NET Reflector from Red Gate

We all want to get a glimpse of someone else's code, which is an open secret, and using. NET Reflector from Red Gate is a great reverse engineering tool that allows you to glimpse the code of a compiled assembly. Use it to debug Microsoft.sharepoint*.dll assemblies and examine third-party components.


F12 Debugging Tools

The F12 Debugging tool provides you with the most convenient debugging capabilities, allowing you to debug and inspect HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other resources in your Web browser and client. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox all offer some type of debugging tool.

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio is an extension of Visual Studio that allows you to make syntax highlighting for PowerShell files in Visual Studio.



Are you developing SharePoint2013 -related apps? Let's try Spfastdeploy. Spfastdeploy is a good extension that allows you to quickly add changes to your development site without having to redeploy the entire application.


Advanced REST Client(Google chrome plugin)

The Advanced rest client allows you to examine REST calls and configure your queries through the UI, making configuration easier. You can view the results and the number of requests directly in the browser, and you can adjust settings such as parameters until it is just right.

: Https://

postman–rest Client(Google chrome plugin)

Postman is similar to the Advanced REST client above, but the experience varies for different people. So try both, and choose the one you prefer.


SharePoint Client Browser

SharePoint-client browser is similar to SharePoint Manager, and with it, you can remotely connect to a SharePoint environment and examine the data through the client API. The following shows the remote thread attached from the notebook computer to the Office 365 SharePoint Online dev-account.

Tip: Tools similar to SharePoint Client Browser also have SharePoint Explorer 365, which also allows you to connect remotely to Office 365.

: Https://


Smtp4dev is a great tool to test whether SharePoint is sending mail correctly. Unlike sending mail to recipients to test, Smtp4dev is capturing all outgoing e-mails through the SMTP server and allowing you to view them directly in the user interface of the tool. Smtp4dev is ideal for dealing with e-mail related issues, especially if you need to verify the logic and correctness of an e-mail message that needs to be sent in a point-in-time automated process.


Count SharePoint 2013 for those great development tools

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