Count the tech products that are expensive and have no friends

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Computers, smartphones, and tablets are electronic products that most ordinary consumers can afford, but once they are put on a special coat or inlaid with various kinds of jewelry, then their values will increase by dozens or hundreds of times.

Some products are very expensive, some because they use very rare materials, while others, due to advanced technology, from the gold-plated iPhone to the super-large display, there are very vivid examples. The following are some very expensive devices that are a little incomprehensible. Let's take a look.

Aerosystem one iPhone base/speaker

Price: USD 1115 (about RMB 6830)

Most people buy smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention more expensive smartphone accessories. However, the price of aerosystem one as a smartphone is more than USD 1000.

This fever-level smartphone music accessory launched by Jarre was developed by French composer Jean Michael Jarre after four years to debug the unique music-surround stereo sound. The whole body consists of stainless steel and tempered glass, uses a light tubular transparent speaker, three and a half feet of height, weighing 32 lbs. It has a built-in diffuse mid-to-high sound and a 5-inch bass with a downward sound and a W power amplifier. Two 30-W speakers are also attached.

Optimus maxiumus keyboard

Price: USD 1500 (about RMB 9190)

This OLED keyboard, launched by the Russian art Lebedev studio, caused a lot of repercussions when it was just released six years ago. The art Lebedev Studio provides a total of four optimus maximus keyboards with different configurations. all the buttons are programmable, and all the buttons are actually a small OLED display, after custom programming, you can also customize the pattern on the key cap, so that the function of this key is clear at a glance. The price of this keyboard ranges from USD 460 to USD 1560. Only the Space key can be dynamically displayed for the lowest $460 configuration, while the $1560 model has 113 dynamic keys for customization.

Panasonic 4 K toughpad Tablet

Price: USD 6000 (about RMB 36760)

Toughpad Windows 8, a 4 K Ultra-high definition toughpad tablet launched by Panasonic, costs as much as $6000. However, since it belongs to the toughpad series, the famous three defenses are indispensable. Like all toughpad family products in the past, toughpad 4 K is actually used for professional office work. The target audience includes medical staff, architects and designers. It is extremely sturdy and the magnesium alloy housing can withstand falling from a height of 2.5 feet (about 0.76 meters. The configuration is extremely powerful, and the Ivy bridge Intel Core I5 processor, NVIDIA geforce gt745m GPU, gb ssd storage, 8 GB memory, the operating system is the latest Windows 8.1 pro.

Ego lifestyle limited edition notebook

Price: USD 10900 (about RMB 66.8 thousand)

Any technology product that gets stuck with "fashion" will be price-consuming. This notebook launched by ego lifestyle is not sold in any 3C store or website, but is sold in the world's top department store, Saks Fifth Avenue boutique department store. The design of this computer combines high-tech and fashion elements, and uses a completely hand-crafted Italian crocodile leather material that can be replaced. However, it is a pity that the product was launched too early, although expensive, it is still equipped with Windows Vista.

Vertu signature touch

Price: USD 20000 (about RMB 0.122 million)

Vertu's mobile phone is expensive, not because of its high configuration. This Vertu signature touch is no exception. Designers have devoted a lot of effort to Vertu signature touch. Each product is hand-built. The back cover uses the natural crocodile skin, and the frame uses a grade 5 titanium alloy. Vertu said it claimed that the hardness of the titanium alloy had reached 2.5 times that of the stainless steel, but the mobile phone was still very light. In addition, this mobile phone also uses a very drag-resistant sapphire display. At the same time, Vertu signature touch is pre-installed with ringtones specially played by the London Symphony. The effects of all ringtones will be optimized for different models.

Luvalgio notebook

Price: USD 1 million (about RMB 6.1 million)

Yes, you are not mistaken, it is $1 million. The Notebook, launched two years ago by London's famous luxury brand luvalgio, is priced at up to $1 million. The shell of the notebook uses the piano paint technology, with a 17 inch mirror wide screen, and uses a multi-layer transparent film coating technology. In addition, according to CNET's previous reports, this notebook also has built-in screen scrubbed, SSD, and Blu-ray player functions. It is also worth mentioning that, to view the introduction of this notebook on the official website, you still need a password to access it. It is not very easy to visit.

Stuart Hughes custom gold edition iPad 2

Price: USD 5 million (about RMB 30.6 million)

Stuart Hughes, a luxury customization design company, used 2 kg K gold to create this Apple iPad 2. At that time, gold alone could never show its own value, on the back of this iPad 2, 53 12.5 karat high-quality flawless bricks are embedded to form the apple logo. This is not enough. On the front of iPad 2, the Home Key is actually a complete 8.5 karat diamond. At the same time, Stuart Hughes also used the spot rock and overlord Dragon Bone. Spot rock is not only a kind of gemstone, but also the fossil debris of the chrysanthemum. According to Stuart Hughes, this iPad 2 contains two types of treasure materials: the spot rock with a history of 75 million years and the Overlord bone with a history of 65 million years.

However, this iPad 2 cannot be purchased even if it is rich. It is very precious to have only two in the world.

Stuart Hughes customized iPhone 5

Price: USD 10 million (about RMB 61 million)

If you don't feel comfortable with the $5 million iPad, Stuart Hughes has prepared a $10 million iPhone 5. The customized iPhone 5 is also designed and built by the famous British luxury designer Stuart Hughes. Its body is completely made of 135 grams of 24 k gold, sapphire screen, the apple logo on the back of the fuselage is embedded with 53 flawless diamonds, and more than 600 diamonds are embedded around the border. The Home key on the front of the fuselage is a complete 26 karat black diamond.

The iPhone 5 was also completely manually loaded for nine weeks and is said to have been bought by a mysterious Chinese merchant.

Kohler numi toilet

Price: USD 6700 (about RMB 41050)

Who said that only electronic products are luxurious? The numi smart toilet launched by Kohler is also a local luxury product. However, it is not known as materials and equipment, but full of high technology.

Its design is inspired by the right angle geometric concept of the architecture. The simple and rigid lines are consistent with Kohler's style. Touch-free automatic cover opening and foot-sensing seat ring opening, as well as the opening effect similar to the aircraft's hatch cover. Other technologies are also unambiguous, mainly including: Seat Ring heating, foot warm air spa function, Arc Metal cleaning nozzle (with UV ultraviolet sterilization, warm air, night light function, water pressure can be set), 4.3 inch super large touch screen remote control, efficient leading smart electronic dual Chong system, novel and unique dream back light design, built-in audio system and speakers, with a charcoal filter deodorant, ensure that there is no smell. At the same time, numi also has a built-in bluetooth receiver, a memory card for accessing a custom playlist, a USB interface for software updates, and an environment lighting mode available in seven colors.

Simply put, the entire "process" can be completed without manual access ".

Count the tech products that are expensive and have no friends

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