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Exchange links are many webmaster daily to do, especially some novice webmaster think that the exchange link is the main body of the site, and because will not analyze the exchange of the site, often deceived, even if the senior webmaster is no exception. However, most of the webmaster still want to have a stable link, honest exchange links, do content. But still have stationmaster like trick, cheat some temporary friend chain. Now, I've uncovered these silly and hateful tricks.

1. Boring + no technology + waste of time of deception-this exchange, Ming Delete

This kind of gimmick generally has the attention the stationmaster all may discover, very common pediatrics. This method is generally for the station group, Enterprise station, such as unmanned long-term management of the site. Today, after the exchange of links, a few days after the silent disappeared, resulting in the weight itself is not high on the site also to others to do a one-way link, the loss of Dafa. It's easy to find, but it's still being fooled. We can often use tools to query whether there is a back chain, preferably to its website to see if there is back to the chain, to statistics to see if there is no flow, so more secure. For this kind of stationmaster, everybody needn't theory so much, immediately delete. But if the other side of the site is relatively large or because of the site revision and other reasons for temporary deletion, such a valuable site is worthy of webmaster inquiries.

2. Not included in the Friendship link page

Many sites have special friends page, so many slick webmaster would like to do not let the page included can not be taken to the other side of the weight it? Many webmasters know to regularly check friends chain, but the lack of everyone knows what you see is a meaningless page. The simplest way to deal with it is to see whether the page is entitled to Heavy, included. This use of robots file makes the page can not let spiders take away the small technology, is the novice webmaster negligence. But I also do not advise you to exchange these friends chain, because the friend chain is not only for weight, but also a key to import traffic.

3. Novice Webmaster Special gullible skills, reduce the weight of the pages of friendship

Many webmaster think that there is a collection is the weight, this is indeed correct statement. But if you cut an apple in half and then give it to 100 people, how much can everyone eat? I accidentally opened the mailbox that day, a few PR5 site managers unexpectedly want to and my new station change friend chain. I hurriedly go to inquire its website, have a special link page of a friend. I found that the home page and no links to link pages, only in the site map to see the link link page links. In fact, such a site structure so that the weight of the page is much lower than the homepage, plus hundreds of people to share, there is nothing to share. If you want to change, at least to PR50 it? or above, this has a special Friendship link page does not recommend.

4. Wicked Stationmaster nofollow attribute does not pass the weight

Nofollow property can make friends chain or other links do not have the right to transfer, simply said in a linked code in the label has a rel= "nofollow" attribute, now experienced webmaster and SEO will pay attention to check the source code of this part of the page (F12 view), The new webmaster is only heard, and will not notice. However, this kind of gimmick but has the enhancement edition!

"1" In the Friend Chain page HTML header to add Meta nofollow code, not simply rel nofollow.

"2" Using a generic file into the current page, you can implement some additional property control, this control may have nofollow.

"3" script to turn, the link is turned, the mouse moved to the link to show the full domain name, but look at the page source code, you will find the truth. Suggest that you exchange friendship links more than half a minute to see the other source code, or you hard to find this kind of links is a script to turn.

5. The most funny way of friendship links

Many stationmaster is very clever, from seek the powder to get inspiration. I use the number a powder you, you use this number powder I large B. The same, many webmaster use a station link need to exchange the site, request the other side link site B, to one-way link to temptation. However, this a station may be a spam site, special exchange links. This way is more opportunistic, but everyone is honest and good.

6. Master Webmaster Way-----------rich exchange

This is a very wicked way, but it has to be a bit technical. First of all, he will through the mail, QQ, station message to inform you in the page has done your station link, and then the webmaster on the map to facilitate direct point into, a look or home, analysis of the status of SEO, but also the line back to the chain. However, the careful webmaster can find a trick, direct access to for the normal page, is the most weight of the page. But these technical stationmaster, use index.php to realize and index.htm identical home page, can index.php but meaningless.

Summary: Exchange friend chain to how many eyes, rather low weight, but also the pursuit of stability and the right to weigh the best a bit of traffic. Change chain is dangerous, exchange should be cautious!

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