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Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game this is played by the people. The players count to three in unison and simultaneously "throw" one of the three hand signals this correspond to rock, paper O R Scissors. The winner is determined by the rules:

    • Rock smashes scissors
    • Scissors cuts paper
    • Paper covers Rock

Rock-paper-scissors is a surprisingly popular game this many people play seriously (see the Wikipedia article for details) . Due to the fact that a tie happens around 1/3 of the time, several variants of rock-paper-scissors exist that include more Choices to make ties less likely.

Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock (RPSLS) is a variant of rock-paper-scissors that allows five choices. Each choice wins against the other choices, loses against the other choices and ties against itself. Much of Rpsls ' s popularity is the It had been featured in 3 episodes of the TV series "The Big Bang theory". The Wikipedia entry for Rpsls gives, the complete description of the details of the game.

In our first mini-project, we'll build a Python function rpsls(name) that takes as input the string name , which is one of the ,,, "paper" "scissors" "lizard" , or "Spock" . The function then simulates playing a round of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock by generating it own random choice from T hese alternatives and then determining the winner using a simple rule that we'll next describe.

While Rock-paper-scissor-lizard-spock have a set of ten rules that logically determine who wins a round of RPSLS, coding up These rules would require a large number (5x5=25) of if / elif / else clauses in your mini-project code. A simpler method for determining the winner are to assign each of the five choices a number:

    • 0-rock
    • 1-spock
    • 2-paper
    • 3-lizard
    • 4-scissors

In this expanded list, each choice wins against the preceding the choices and loses against the following-choices (if Rock and scissors are thought of as being adjacent using modular arithmetic).

In any of the mini-projects for this class, we'll provide a walk through of the steps involved in building your project To aid its development. A template for your mini-project are availablehere. Please refer to this template. py

#rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock Template#The key idea of this program is to equate the strings#"Rock", "paper", "Scissors", "lizard", "Spock" to numbers#As follows:##0-rock#1-spock#2-paper#3-lizard#4-scissors#helper FunctionsdefName_to_number (name):#Delete the following pass statement and fill in your code below    if(Name = ="Rock"):        return0elif(Name = ="Spock"):        return1elif(Name = ="Paper"):        return2elif(Name = ="Lizard"):        return3elif(Name = ="Scissors"):        return4Else:        return "Error"        #convert name to number using If/elif/else    #don ' t forget to return the result!defnumber_to_name (number):#Delete the following pass statement and fill in your code below    if(Number = =0):return "Rock"    elif(Number = = 1):        return "Spock"    elif(Number = = 2):        return "Paper"    elif(Number = = 3):        return "Lizard"    elif(Number = = 4):        return "Scissors"    Else:        return "Error"        #convert number to a name using If/elif/else    #don ' t forget to return the result!    defRpsls (player_choice):#Delete the following pass statement and fill in your code below            #print a blank line to separate consecutive games    Print ""    #Print out the message for the player ' s choice    Print "Player chooses", Player_choice#convert the player ' s choice to player_number using the function name_to_number ()Player_number =Name_to_number (Player_choice)#compute random guess for comp_number using Random.randrange ()    ImportRandom Comp_number= Random.randrange (0, 5)    #convert Comp_number to Comp_choice using the function number_to_name ()Comp_choice =number_to_name (Comp_number)#print out the message for computer ' s choice    Print "Computer chooses", Comp_choice#compute difference of comp_number and player_number modulo fivediff = comp_number-player_number% 5; #Use If/elif/else to determine winner, print winner message    if(diff = =-3ordiff = =-4ordiff = = 1ordiff = = 2):        Print "Computer wins!"    elif(diff = = 3ordiff = = 4ordiff = =-1ordiff = =-2):        Print "Player wins!"    elif(diff = =0):Print "Player and Computer tie!"    Else:        Print "Error"    #Test your Code-these CALLS must be PRESENT in your submitted codeRpsls ("Rock") Rpsls ("Spock") Rpsls ("Paper") Rpsls ("Lizard") Rpsls ("Scissors")#Always remember-to- check your completed program against the grading rubric

Coursera-an Introduction to Interactive programming in Python (Part 1)-mini-project-rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock

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