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Under normal circumstances CPU accounted for 100% of our computer will always slow down, and many times we can do a little bit of change can be solved, without asking those prawns.

When the machine slows down, the first thing we think of is, of course, the task manager, to see exactly which program accounted for the ratio, if it is a large program that can be forgiven, in the shutdown of the program as long as the CPU normal, then there is no problem; if not, then you have to see what is the program, When you can't find out what this process is, go to Google or Baidu search. Sometimes the end is useless, in XP we can combine the Msconfig in the startup item, put some unused items to turn off. You can go to the next Winpatrol in 2000.

Some of the most commonly used software, for example, the browser occupies a very engaged CPU, it is necessary to upgrade the software or simply use other similar software instead, sometimes the software and the system will be a bit incompatible, of course, we can try the XP system under the compatibility of our products, right click on this. exe file selection compatibility.

Svchost.exe is sometimes a headache, and when you see that one of your svchost.exe takes up a large CPU, you can go to the next aports or fport to check its corresponding program path, which is the Svchost.exe, if not C. : Under Windows system32 (XP) or C:winntsystem32 (2000), that's suspicious. Upgrade antivirus software antivirus bar.

Right-clicking a file causes 100% of CPU usage We also encounter, sometimes the right button pause may be the problem. Official explanation: First click on the left button to select, and then right (not very understanding). Unofficial: Resolve by right-clicking on the desktop-properties-appearance-effects, canceling for menus and tooltips using the following excesses (U). There are some anti-virus software on the file monitoring will also have an impact, you can turn off the anti-virus software file monitoring, there is the Web page, plug-ins, mail monitoring is the same truth.

Some drivers may sometimes have the option of choosing a Microsoft-certified or officially-released driver to install, sometimes with appropriate upgrades, but remember that the latest is not the best.

CPU Cooling software, because the software at run time to take advantage of the CPU idle time to cool, but windows can not distinguish between the normal CPU consumption and cooling software cooling instructions, so the CPU always show 100%, this does not have to worry about, does not affect the normal system operation.

When working with large word files, because Word spelling and grammar checking makes the CPU tired, just open the WoRD Tools-Options-spelling and grammar remove "Check spelling and check grammar". The high CPU usage after the

Click Avi Video file is because the system scans the file first, and check all parts of the file, and establish an index; Workaround: Right-click the folder that holds the video file-Properties-general-Advanced, remove the tick to allow Indexing Service to index the folder for quick Search.

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