Crack the telecom light CAT (personal real experience) and crack the Telecom

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Crack the telecom light CAT (personal real experience) and crack the Telecom

How can we crack Telecom bare cats?
This is my real project experience.
We developed A website for Company A. The database to be connected to the website is located on host B in Company A's LAN.
(Question 1: Why can't I connect to host B in the LAN to a database connected to the internet ?, See below)
Company A uses optical cats to access the Internet. My strategy is to use port ing + peanut shells.
However, optical cat does not have the "port ing" function, so it purchased a TPLink (which is very famous and everyone knows) vro and a TPLink router connected to the optical cat.
TPLink can be used to set port ing, but there is a problem in this case, that is, host B cannot be mapped to the Internet, because a hand (separated by a LAN) is placed in the middle. What should I do?

Method: remove the routing function of the optical cat so that the optical cat can only play the role of bridge.
The Default User Logon interface is as follows:

In this case, the broadband settings page is not displayed.
You must log on as a super administrator. The super Administrator does not know this. It must be cracked.

So how to crack it?
Use the useradmin account and password used to log on to
Then downloadHttp: // conf
Open it in notepad and find telecomadmin + 8 digits. This is your cat.TelecomadminPassword.
First find the 9090/ACS-server/ACS, change to 9090/ACS-server/ACS, So that you cannot connect to the remote management server, and then find
<TotalTerminalNumber> 5 </TotalTerminalNumber>: change 5 to a large number to remove the number of optical cat access devices.
Use the telecomadmin account and the password you just found to log on to
For example ):

Select the second connection name (not necessarily the second one, depending on the actual situation). Then the "Mode" below will be automatically set to "Bridge, click [Save/apply.
Note: During this operation, the computer to be operated must be connected directly to the optical cat without a router in the middle. After the connection, open the browser and enter: http: //, press enter, enter the logon page.

If you want to use your own route dialing?
Then enter to change the internet connection from pppoe to bridging, similar to the following interface.

After setting, connect the vro to the optical cat, set the number of B connections to the vrob, log on to, set the Internet parameters (password), and then set the port ing.
Note: At this time, the computer directly connects to the optical cat will not be able to access the Internet, you must connect to the TPLink router, because at this time the optical cat only plays a Bridge role.

Question 1: Why can't I connect to host B on the LAN to a database connected to the Internet?
No, because the customer purchased a client software and the client software was installed with a database, and our website wanted to obtain the data in the database, so we could only connect to the database of host B.

Refer to: crack the telecom light CAT (real project experience)

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