Cracked Photoshop Cs6 mac

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  1. First, Baidu search download DMG format installation files: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Mac Edition)

  2. 2

    Double-click to open the file, double-click the first Adobe Photoshop CS6; In the list of folders that appear, select Install to initialize the installation; After initializing the installation, the installation interface appears, please select "Try".

  3. 3

    Then, the consent terms interface appears, select "Accept" to enter the next step, at this time need to use the Adobe ID to sign in; go to Adobe website to register a can, Baidu experience can refer to this article: "Adobe ID how to register" by Tom does not chase the cat

  4. 4

    Log in with the registered Adobe ID, sign in to choose the installation location interface, no special case default, and then click "Install";

  5. 5

    After clicking "Install", please enter the login user name and password to install the computer, allow the software to install on your computer, then start the installation, after the installation, click Close.

  6. 6

    After the installation, go to launchpad inside can see the installed Photoshop CS6, double-click Open, you will find a 30-day trial version of the prompt; then we start to crack the process.

  7. 7

    Baidu Search, download photoshop CS6 crack file, download and unzip the folder, you will see the folder has amtlib.framwork files, this is a moment we need to use the file.


  8. 8

    We found the Photoshop CS6 folder under the Finder app, right-click and select "Show Package Contents";

  9. 9

    Then the content folder appears, opens it, finds the Framwork folder, and then copies the Amtlib.framwork file from the cracked folder that we downloaded to the Framework folder, prompting for the same file to exist, and choose to replace it.

  10. 10

    Then we re-open the Photoshop CS6 software, we will find no prompt "trial version" of the remaining date, and then we go to the "help" inside to see, the update is in the gray state. This indicates that the software has been activated.


Cracked Photoshop Cs6 mac

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