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Three years have passed, and I have almost no progress in addition to living in my high school Sb moments. The university lacks the training of its own system, so that it is now facing a job and postgraduate entrance exam at all times, occasionally look at the blog of those great cows, look at others' ideas, take a look at what others have learned and compared it with yourself. Ah, no medicine can save-I. Since we have been engaged in the computer industry, we should be honest about howCodeSurvive, And I, apart from some times when my head gets hot, start to get angry with MFC or primer, but a few days later, the heat is getting worse, they will be frozen on my dark bookshelves for their spring dreams. At some time, they will suddenly see that they will recall the enthusiasm they had when they bought books, and they will not be ashamed of themselves, the books of Daniel all beat me in the surface of a powerful, weak heart like a whip. They dance in front of me like giants, however, I was like a monkey facing their ridicule, curled up in the dark corner, continue their meaningless life, no change at all.

I think my head is not bad, and I have little energy. Why can't I calm down and seriously plan for my future life and pave the way? Why? Ah, I am always entangled in this. I don't have any substantive actions. I am trying to work hard and occasionally fall crazy. What kind of character is this? More and more people are discovering that the failed efforts should be a kind of comfort to the shame of the soul caused by their irresponsible life. It is just a comfort, but it cannot be changed much. Do you know? You are talking about me.

From today on, I have made up my determination and made great efforts. I don't want to gradually abandon these bad habits. I have made continuous efforts. I am ashamed of myself. start crawling the road from today

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