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We all know that the universe is big and big, but how big it is, I'm afraid most people don't have a clear idea. In fact, even the tiny solar system that we are in, its sheer size is enough to make people mad. Liu Cixin's science fiction "three-body 2: The Dark Forest" has a scenario in which the first military officers of China's air force almost collapsed in the face of a true proportion of the solar system's map.

This page shows the vastness of the solar system in a true and precise proportion. It displays the moon's diameter (3474.8 km) as a pixel, and then lists the corresponding size and distance of the sun and the eight planets, Pluto (you are not a planet but we still love you).

Just press and hold the keyboard right arrow to go from the sun to Pluto. The bottom of the screen will immediately show you the distance, to the end to walk nearly 6 billion kilometers.

Figure 01

Figure 02

You might think it's okay, but do you know how long it takes to get to the end? It's boring or obsessive, or I can tell you: about 40 minutes.

The middle of boredom can really make people crazy, because most of the time you face is only black background, because space is so big.

In order not to let everyone too boring, site designers in the middle of a lot of ridicule, thinking, such as: "Soon yo!" I lied to you! "The next stop is 3 times times the distance you've traveled before." "Know why the other solar system pictures are not scaled." "You have to buy 1064 monitors to get this picture." "Have you lost your mind?" You know, for a long time, you can't see anything. The brain makes things up and makes hallucinations. ”

The site for lazy people also provides a shortcut navigation, as long as the click on the top of the page of any icon, you can instantly reach the corresponding planet.

Alternatively, you can look directly at the source code of the Web page and savor those words.

Figure 03

Figure 04

Figure 05

By the way, we introduce the Swedish solar system model, the largest permanent solar system model in the world. It accurately restores the size of planets and other celestial bodies within the solar system by 1:20 million, and places all models in different locations in Sweden at a distance.

From the sun model, to see the Pluto model, you have to walk 300 kilometers, and to reach the solar system's Terminal wave (a conceptual solar system edge), you have to trek 950 kilometers, basically in Sweden from south to north.

Click on Wikipedia for more information.

Figure 06

Figure 07

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