Create a cramfs root file system

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Cramfs is a read-only compressed file system developed by Linux founder Linus Torvalds. In the cramfs file system, each page (4 kb) is compressed separately and can be accessed on random pages, the compression ratio is as high as, saving a lot of flash storage space for the embedded system, enabling the system to store the same file through a lower-capacity FLASH, thus reducing system costs, the cramfs file system is compressed for storage and decompressed during runtime. Applications are not supported.ProgramRun in xip mode. All applications must be copied to ram for running. The following tools are required to create a cramfs-formatted root file system: cramfs-1.1.tar.gz For: Usage: # Tar zxvf cramfs-1.1.tar.gz # Cd cramfs-1.1 # Make // generate the following two files: mkcramfs and cramfsck. 1. The mkcramfs tool is used to create a cramfs file system. # Mkcramfs dirname (folder) root. cramfs (generated image)
2. The cramfsck tool is used to release and check the cramfs file system. # Cramfsck root. cramfs-x Dir (folder)
Run the generated image in flash through vivi or U-boot.

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