Create a solution using boilerplate templates

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Don't say a word, let's get to work! For small partners who have not yet contacted the ABP framework or have been in contact for a long time, I suggest using the official recommendation, which is to automatically generate a solution that you need to do in the ABP Framework's official website ( Only the following simple 3 steps, let's go!

Note: The template on the homepage of the creation of the solution is only suitable for projects that do not have Rights management module, but the General enterprise project has this function bar, that is the choice method one, cough cough!

Notes per step:

The first step: Angularjs is a fire-application front-end framework for a hot Spa (single page application), and the average programmer will only have the traditional classic jquery MPA (multiple pages Application " Multi-page Application ") framework, such as LZ I, therefore, I think from now on to do this project, by the way to learn angularjs, at least the spa and MPA framework are each one. The second Durandal frame, also spa, not how to understand, studious you if you want to learn to solve it yourself! The third option is the MPA frame, if you do not have the first 2, or temporarily choose this.

The second step: Choose the ORM Tool, which provides EF and NHibernate two Orm, for these two Orm, there are a lot of performance and other aspects of the controversy, LZ is not here to say, it's up to you! LZ at present is only skilled EF, also intends to take time to learn nhibernate, more than the pressure of the body, and, we only have mastered the two Orm, to combine their own feelings to say their differences, only to listen to others say EF good or NH good what is the meaning of it? You tell me?

Step Three: Enter your project name in the text box, such as FIRSTABP, and the name of the last generated solution is FIRSTABP. sln, and the names of the other layers begin with FIRSTABP . Finally click "Create my Project" button will prompt to download, download is the solution of the compressed package. such as my own generated solution.

Note: This is just my first time to do demo-generated solution Oh! The following is a formal project solution!

Readers with a little attention may have found them slightly different, the latter with the Module-zero module, and if you have already studied the level of the ABP, then believe you will think that they are all consistent. Novice also does not matter, future article will let you understand everything! If you have any questions about this essay, please comment in the comments section, I will try my best to answer it!

So far, we've just created a solution, don't look at all the code, but we didn't write anything, did we? Don't worry, I will slowly in the future, welcome to follow my update.

This essay will be over first and look forward to my next series of essays.

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Create a solution using boilerplate templates

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