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Xhtml1.0 is a modified version of html4.01 and is named xhtml1.0.
Xhtml1.0 has strict requirements, which is different from html4.01. The following 1-4 items are absolutely necessary and different from html4.01.
Use Dreamweaver MX 2004 to create web pages.
"Edit"-"preference settings"-"New File"-"set the file to XHTML compatible", and then add HTML to create the XHTML webpage.

The following lists some common errors:



, yes. The name of the "all" volume label element must be in lowercase. 2. All null tags that are not paired must end with/>,

and . This is a paired error:


input type = "text" name = "name"/>

3. Target = "_ blank" is not allowed"
You can use target = "_ blank" in html4.01 ",
However, xhtml1.0 is not allowed. You can rewrite it to target = "new"

4. All attributes must have values.
Xhtml1.0 specifies that all attributes must have a value. If not, the attribute must be repeated as a value.
Error <input type = "radio" value = "V1" Checked name = "S1"/>
Correct <input type = "radio" value = "V1" Checked = "checked" name = "S1"/>
Error <option selected> S1 </option>
Correct <option selected = "selected"> S1 </option>
Error <TD nowrap>
Correct <TD nowrap = "nowrap">

5. symbols not part of the volume label are encoded
The following symbols in the form must also be encoded.
<Expressed as <
> In & gt; format
& In & amp; format
ProgramAnd use & amp;
Error <a href = "foo. cgi? Chapter = 1 & Section = 2 ">
Correct <a href = "foo. cgi? Chapter = 1 & amp; Section = 2 ">

6. Common Errors using tables
We usually specify the width and height when creating a table. For example:
<Table border = "1" width = "300" Height = "55">
<Tr> <TD> content </TD> </tr>
There is no way to do this. W3C recommends that you use CSS to control the height of the label element.
. Table {
Height: 55px;
<Table class = "table">
<Tr> <TD> text </TD> </tr>
However, if too many tables are used, it is not a good method to specify different heights in CSS.
In fact, it is easy to specify the height attribute in the bucket to pass the test.
<Table border = "0" width = "300">
<Tr> <TD Height = "55"> text </TD> </tr>
However, this is not the W3C standard. We recommend that you use Div instead of unnecessary table.

7. correct use of the CSS style sheet
Must be placed between <LINK rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/CSS" href = "style.css"/>
<Style type = "text/CSS">
<! --
Body {font-size: 9pt ;}

Error <style>
Correct <style type = "text/CSS">
The sample code is written in the. CSS file.

8. The same ID selector cannot be used repeatedly.
The same selector of ID = "XX" in a Web page cannot be used repeatedly. If you need to use it again, use class = "XX"

9. Double quotation marks or single quotation marks must not be omitted.
Error style = font-size: 9pt
Correct style = "font-size: 9pt"
Error <a href = Home> text </a>
Correct <a href = "home"> text </a>

10. The tag must be a pair.
<P> </P>
<Span> </span>
<Div> </div>

11. Add a text note alt = "NOTE" to the image volume label"

12. Correct Marking order
Error <B> <I> text </B> </I>
Correct <B> <I> text </I> </B>

13. The annotated text cannot contain -- symbols
Error <! -- OEC--SPACE -->
Correct <! -- Oecspace -->

14. Javascript writing
Javascript is usually written
Error <script language = "JavaScript">
W3C standard must specify type = text/JavaScript For the program, so write
Correct <SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript">
Or <script language = "JavaScript" type = "text/JavaScript">
Writing Method for loading external. js independent files
Correct <SCRIPT type = "text/JavaScript" src = "script. js"> </SCRIPT>

15. <embed> tag disputes
<Embed> is a private label of Netscape. W3C does not have this label from html3.2 HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0. Therefore, pages using <embed> cannot pass the standard test.
W3C recommends using the <Object> label and using the <Object>CodeIt can be written as follows:
<Object type = "application/X-Shockwave-flash" Data = "index.swf" width = "400" Height = "200">
<Param name = "movie" value = "index.swf"/>
However, this may cause problems in the ie5/IE6 win browser version. To enable standard display in any browser, the following connection nodes are provided for reference:
A list apart

<Embed> tags are widely used and no longer subject to standard disputes. To solve this problem, you can only wait for IE to better support <Object> or W3C to include <embed> tags.

16. The correct syntax for declaring XHTML 1.0 file categories (not lower case)
For general web pages
<! Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en"

Used for frame pages
<! Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 frameset // en"
W3C standard test web site
Web Automatic Test web Uri = Referer
During the test, the "16. File category announcement" and the specified file encoding must be included.
<Meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = big5"/>
In order to perform the test smoothly, start building a 10 thousand-dimensional standard website!

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