Create an Azure storage SAS token Access Azure blob file using PowerShell

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Azure storage contains storage account, Container, blob, and so on, with the following specific relationships:

Our commonly used blob storage is stored in the container of the storage account.

There are currently three ways to share the contents of a BLOB with other users, in three ways:

1. Set the Container property as a public container

2. Set the Blob property to public public blob

Once set, the BLOB can be downloaded by wget.

3. File sharing over a certain period of time via SAS token

SAS is a shared access signature (SAS) that enables file sharing.

SAS Provider Service generates a SAS token by way of a bypass, through which the customer accesses the SAS token for a certain period of time.

The following will use PowerShell to generate SAS tokens to give customers access to the permissions.

There is a file:

Get-azurestorageblob-container Hengweisoft-blob GOOGLECHROME.DMG

Container Uri:

Name blobtype Length ContentType lastmodified snapshottime

---- -------- ------ ----------- ------------ ------------

GOOGLECHROME.DMG blockblob 65936251 application/octet-stream 2015/7/6 8:09:00 +00:00

Among them hengweisoft This container is the private container.

$startTime = Get-date

$endTime = $startTime. AddHours (2.0)

New-azurestorageblobsastoken-container Hengweisoft-blob googlechrome.dmg-permission rwd-starttime $startTime- Expirytime $endTime

This command allows you to generate a bunch of SAS tokens:

? sv=2015-02-21&sr=b&sig=ifn6jfoinalqpygkcksyiuieq58wdexxv2z52nx%2fdjs%3d&st=2016-02-05t09%3a36% 3a57z&se=2016-02-05t11%3a36%3a57z&sp=rwd

Connect this token to the URL of the blob:

Https:// &sig=ifn6jfoinalqpygkcksyiuieq58wdexxv2z52nx%2fdjs%3d&st=2016-02-05t09%3a36%3a57z&se=2016-02-05t11 %3a36%3a57z&sp=rwd

This file can be accessed within 2 hours without requiring authentication.

You can do this by:

wget Sr=b&sig=ifn6jfoinalqpygkcksyiuieq58wdexxv2z52nx%2fdjs%3d&st=2016-02-05t09%3a36%3a57z&se= 2016-02-05t11%3a36%3a57z&sp=rwd

Get this file directly.

Create an Azure storage SAS token Access Azure blob file using PowerShell

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