Create beautiful butterfly after rain with fireworks 8

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Vista has been getting closer, its natural landscape wallpaper I believe you must be amazed, now we have to do a vista-style scenery, put it on the desktop must be a mistake. After the heavy rain, on the green leaves, strewn with crystal water droplets, a butterfly open wings fell on top. is not a beautiful image, so now we have to make such an effect.

Step 1: Start fireworks 8, open an image that requires a butterfly, and then choose Edit > Clone to clone the image two times, as shown in Figure 1.

Tip: You can use the cloned shortcut keys ctrl+shift+d.

Step 2– Now we need to make a water mask, select the topmost layer in the Layers panel, and select "Filter" > "Adjust Color" > "Hue and Saturation" to adjust the saturation parameter to-100.

Step 3-Select "Filter" > "clutter" > "Add Clutter" to set the parameters in the pop-up Clutter window as shown in Figure 2. Tips:

Step 4-Select "Filter" > "Blur" > "Motion Blur", the parameters are set as follows: angle = 127; Distance = 5.

Tip: You can change the position of water droplets by setting motion blur.

Step 5-Select "Filter" > "blur" > "Gaussian Blur", the parameter is set to: fuzzy range = 3.3, the effect is shown in Figure 3.

Hint: You can change the size of the water droplets by setting the Gaussian blur.

Step 6-Select "Filter" > "Color Adjustment" > "Brightness/Contrast", the parameters are set as follows: Brightness =-16; contrast = 100. The effect is to get a pure black and white object.

Step 7– now in order to make the water droplets look more rounded, we choose "Filter" > "Blur" > "blur" to add a blur effect to it.

Step 8– on the Level Panel, select the layer that you just processed, then press Ctrl+alt+shift+z to flatten the selected layer.

Step 9– hold down SHIFT to select the layer that you just processed and the layer below, and perform the Modify > Mask > Group as mask.

Step 10-Select "Filter" > "Eye Candy 4000 LE" > "Bevel Boss", use the following parameter settings: Bevel Width = 9.45, bevel Height Scale =, smoothness = 38. Next, in the Layers panel, select the blending mode to lighten, as shown in Figure 4.

Step 11– Clone The object processed above, remove the bevel boss effect from the property inspector, and then perform the filter > Shadow and Halo > projection. The parameter is set to: distance = 2; opacity = 40; soften = 3; Angle = 340. Check "Go Background".

Step 12-Next, in the Layers panel, select the blending mode to "darken" and the final effect is shown in Figure 5.

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