Create your own Altium Designer 3D package Library without the need for specialized three-dimensional design software

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after seeing andy_2020 's post "Altium designer Theme", I was interested in the 3D features of Altium Designer and started to make an ad 3D package library. Just started in the way Andy introduced, learned two days SolidWorks, drew a PQ3230 transformer. I paint the transformer, the big god do not spray

but later found that there is a faster way-directly on the Internet to find the device 3D model, do not draw their own slowly, the most important is that this method does not need to use pro/e, SolidWorks and other three-dimensional design software.
go to the chase,I'm using Altium Designer Winter.,Let's start with the way I built 3D libraries, and interested friends can try:

Step 1: Find the 3D model you need in the. Step (or. stp) format
This step has two types, one is to download the other people to clean up the step format 3D components. I have a copy of the usual devices, which are behind the post.
Some of the components can be downloaded to the three-dimensional community website , that is the second way to get . Step.
This site is I think of a better site, if there are other recommended Welcome to share!
Open enter the device you want to find in the search field.

For example, I need to do a 2.0*5pin pin, search header 2.0, find the desired shape

Select the required number of pins 5, model format step AP214, click Download.

at this point, we have the. Step format of the device model, the first step is completed.

Step 2: Inin Altium designerBuild a 3D package library
Open the normal 2D package

Click Place--3d Body in the menu bar

Select the generic step model in the 3D Model type of the pop-up dialog, and then click Embed Step model in the generic step model

In the pop-up dialog box, select the model you just downloaded, click OK

Once placed, press the ESC key to close the 3D Body dialog box.
See the following effect on the interface, the pink part is the 3D model body

Press the number 3 in the upper-left corner of the keyboard to switch to the 3D view (press 2 back to 2D and the number on the numeric keypad is not valid). found that the 3D model with the pad is not correct, and the angle is not correct. It is necessary to set the parameters of the 3D body.

Let's talk about the rotation of 3D models in AD. See XYZ three directions on the chart below

Double-click the Model pop-up 3D Body dialog box, in the generic STEP model of the rotation x/y/z, you can set the direction and angle of the model rotation respectively.

Rotation x indicates rotation with X axis

Rotation y indicates rotation with y as Axis
Rotation Z indicates rotation with Z axis

standoff Height You can set the model to move up or down the z axis

A 3D package that can be used in Altium designer can be obtained by setting the parameters and then following. (PS: It is more convenient to face alignment in 2D world)

Two steps to easy access to the Altium designer 3D package, no need to understand the special three-dimensional design software, simple and fast.

By the way, I made my own little board., welcome to shoot Bricks

Top floor


Side view


We welcome you to discuss and exchange your study together.

Century Power network simulation exchange Group 106502910 Shenzhen-gavin

Portal :

andy_2020 's post:Original--altium designer Topics
3D Model Download

(Turn from: Create your own Altium Designer 3D Package Library, no need to know the special three-dimensional design software)

I collect the. Step model and its own unfinished version of the package library, share to everyone
Link: Http:// Password: GVXB

Create your own Altium Designer 3D package Library without the need for specialized three-dimensional design software

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