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The correct background style can set the tone for the entire website. We have collected a group of excellent websites that use large images, bright colors or outstanding patterns as backgrounds, hoping to explore the popular design style of the current website.

What kind of background is best for your site, which is not fixed pattern, but does have some common elements:

The content of the Internet background should be purposeful.

The background should be consistent with your brand style.

The text on top of the background should be easy to read (whether it's color, contrast, or size). The theme of the background should be consistent throughout the site.

The background should be downloadable quickly and will not make your site slow or even die.

What is the current fashion trend?

Just as clothes and hairstyles change, so does the style of web design. For the background, the change in trend is particularly prominent.

At present, a large number of Web sites in the first screen using a large image. Some backgrounds are clear, realistic (such as photographs and illustrations), while others may be abstract and obscure. Large, virtual, or blurred graphs can be seen everywhere.

The color block background is also popular, but it is not the usual kind of black and white that never goes out of style. Many designers use strong, intense colors to help highlight the content of the site from the background.

Finally, patterns and textures are used a lot. But the size of the shape has changed a lot recently. More and more Web sites use large chunks of graphics in the background, but previously popular small patterns. A large area of the design and low contrast content brings a very subtle feeling. Subtle texture backgrounds are also very popular to add real sense to the design.

A clear image

Using lifelike, clear images is never obsolete, but popular and otherwise depends on the method used. More and more of these images are now directly as backgrounds, not as photos on other backgrounds. Illustrations are also becoming popular. Again, color is very important because it determines the quality of the illustrations.

Blurred or falsified images

Using a blur or fuzzy diagram can be a bit tricky. It only in the picture itself good quality situation will bring good results, if in order to disguise the poor quality of the picture and to virtual, the effect will backfire. In general, we need to be very clear why a picture is falsified. Sometimes very obvious ambiguity can have a good effect (like the soft peaks of the Humaan site), and sometimes only a slight blur is enough (above We make site).

Color block

Bright colours are starting to pop up and getting more attention. A large number of designers choose to use color to create depth and contrast.

Black or White

Black and white are classic background colors and are simple to use. You can easily produce contrasting effects (even small words) for fonts and never go out of style. If you add some small space, black or white background will look more fashionable. Foundry Co. Uses a line to strengthen the role, while the designing monsters in the dark hue with a large area of contrast color (Black-and-white contrast).

Pattern or texture

Don't worry about using a strong pattern background. Large, repetitive patterns are now ubiquitous. Delicate textures can add realism to the design. The key to such popular design is the proper contrast. Look at the purple of Alfred's website, and you may want to take a closer look at the patterns that intersect in the background.


Background can determine the tone of the site. Before you make a final decision, you can try a variety of options--photos, color blocks, or patterns. Don't feel any bondage. In these examples, the most visually interesting sites use not only a unique background, but also a second-level background, such as a picture above the color block, and the text in both. Of course, when choosing a background theme, consider your content. Keep in mind the most important principles of Web design: Make your site easy to read.

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