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There was a man named M who was about to cross the river to get married with his fiancee F. But m was separated by a river and he had to cross the river by boat to see F, so he began to look around for a ship. At this moment, I saw a woman l with a boat. M and l borrowed me. l fell in love with him after M Met. Then I asked: I fell in love with you. Do you love me? M is honest, saying: Sorry, I have a fiancee and I cannot love you. In this way, l will not lend the ship to M. Her reason is: I love you, you do not love me, it is unfair, I will not lend you! M was very frustrated. I continued to find a ship. I just saw a girl named S and borrowed a ship from her. s said: It's okay to lend it to you, but there is a condition that I like you very much, it doesn't matter if you like me, but you have to stay with me for one night, or I will not lend you. M is very embarrassed. l won't borrow his ship. If s doesn't borrow him, he will not be able to see the river and F. It is said that this place only has these two ships. For his fiancee on the other side, he had to agree to S's requirements, and he had to *** with S ***. The next day, s agreed to lend the ship to M.
After seeing his fiancee F, M had something to worry about for a long time and finally decided to tell f the story of borrowing from L and S. Unfortunately, F was very sad and broke her hand with M. She felt that M was not loyal and could not be forgiven. F lost in love. at this time, there was a girl e in his life, and the two people began to fall in love, but the previous story had always made him fail. e asked m if she had something to say to her, so M told the story between him and l, S, and F. E said, I don't mind. It's okay with me. The story is over. The question is, please sort these people in order. The standard is who you think is the best, who is the second, who is the third, the fourth, and the fifth? This M man is also included. It is recommended that you do not think too complicated or consider the public opinion. You think it is good to do well.

The answer to the quiz is actually very simple. You can use your subconscious to tell you what you want most. I don't know what I want. This is a common problem. Because everything is important, nothing can be done. It's just that everyone's pursuit of life is really quite different, you also envy and want to do this, but you don't know why you can't do it. It's really hard to achieve it if you look at the happiness of others' marriages. It's not very relevant to luck, but you need to decide a lot.

M -- money)

L -- love)

S -- sex)

F -- family)

E -- Enterprise)

I know, some people may be disappointed with this answer. What does this mean? The answer is simple. In fact, this includes both your values and predictions for your life.

Let me tell you two stories. The two people in this story are very typical. They all tested the game. I was a member of my former band, The byshand. At that time, he wrote the following: M, F, S, E, and L. He would not admit this arrangement, at that time, he was still dreaming of music, and asked him to admit that his love for money was too humiliating and he was still married? However, I found that he is indeed such a person. When the performance fee was a little higher, he quickly sent it to his house. He also made such a joke and earned 400 yuan. He borrowed one hundred yuan from others with great interest, to merge. Money is not a bad thing, so you may not admit it. Many years later, other people in the band went to different places. He stayed there, but with the accompaniment of a dance hall, he was able to make money every day. It was said that he was quickly married and had children, he is a very responsible husband. Music is his tool for making money, and he has a good life. Later, I met him once. I was upset. Although I was driving a car, the ideal was lost early. I had no career or love, but it was a rich day. I think this is the path of his life, and he wants to pursue what he wants.

Another is a female host in Tianjin. I had nothing to talk to her at the time, so I had to play with it. Her choice was s, M, L, F, and E. When I told her what these symbols represent, she was a little unhappy and was not sure. How did she put s first? It is because she thinks s is fair. It is simpler than L. F has too many things. e is too cold. m is good, but it is too ink. Everyone understands the problem in different ways, just as this reveals your subconscious. Many years later, I met a person in Beijing who knew her and talked about the hostess. He said, who is a pity? I have never presided over the host, many male in their organization suffered million yuan in disorder, and were later opened by the Organization and married to a rich man.

Among all the people who reply to this test, selecting E as the leading factor indicates that the business is very important to many people, and there are still some distance problems. For example, if you choose career and money, this is normal. These two items are related. But if you rank first in love and last in the family, it means that you may not rely on the form of marriage, this permutation and combination can be inferred.

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