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Csdn intel multi-core computing technology edition (1) Thanks to celineshi, I am also a moderator of the Intel multi-core computing technology edition. Not long after I took office, I always wanted to add the most valuable post of this version (MVP ?) Put it together and give it to everyone. After the drag and drop, I finally spent two nights reading all the posts on the Forum and sorted them out, hoping to bring some valuable things to everyone. Your reply is the best encouragement to me! Pasted Essence 1, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4834/4834797.xml? Temp =. 7129633 title: Which operating systems currently support multi-core processors (that is, they can run on a multi-core hardware platform and must play a multi-core performance )? Reply: 24. recommended:★★☆ 2, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4835/4835273.xml? Temp =. 7912866 title: Intel and AMD both propose dual-core technology. What is the difference between the two furniture technologies? Reply: 13 recommended:★★ 3, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4836/4836482.xml? Temp =. 9412805 title: dual-core technology-Server field [reprinted] Reply: 3 recommended:★★☆ 4, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4851/4851516.xml? Temp =. 474682 title: Hope the English-speaking comrades can come up (Translation "experts talk about multithreading: parallel application details") reply: 19 recommendation:★★★ 5, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4843/4843701.xml? Temp =. 3472101 title: Maybe the relationship between the topic names. I think you have answered the question: 31 recommended:★★☆ 6, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4851/4851510.xml? Temp =. 9773981 title: [convert] OpenMP parallel Program Library Development Suggestion reply: 8 recommendation:★★★☆ Unclosed Essence 7, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4834/4834620.xml? Temp =. 3553125 title: Could you tell me that dual-core technology is really helpful for writing applications ?? Reply: 10 recommended:★★☆ 8, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4863/4863116.xml? Temp = 4.680812e-03 title: There are three levels of reply using multi-core: 5 recommended:★★★☆ 9, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4908/4908009.xml? Temp =. 8653376 title: Basic System of Intel multi-core programming training reply: 3 recommended:★★★☆ 10, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4834/4834602.xml? Temp = 4.102725e-02 title: [popularity] What is Intel dual core reply: 33 recommended:★★★★ 11, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4944/4944720.xml? Temp = 5.482119e-02 title: Parallel Computing overview pram model reply: 3 recommended:★★☆ 12, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4842/4842487.xml? Temp =. 22456 title: I don't know what to discuss. I have not discussed deep multi-thread development here? Reply: 27 recommended:★★★★ 13, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4833/4833641.xml? Temp =. 8777887 title: dual-core Technical materials Reply: 21 recommended:★★★☆ 14, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4879/4879922.xml? Temp =. 7555353 title: [original] FAQs about multi-core reply: 2 recommended:★★★☆ 15, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4943/4943371.xml? Temp =. 5350458 title: GDI and multithreading reply: 2 recommended:★★☆ 16, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5057/5057006.xml? Temp =. 8802606 title: parallel programming or multi-threaded programming experts to solve a do-while model parallel reply: 3 recommended:★★☆ 17, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5237/5237697.xml? Temp =. 7324945 title: Answers to questions from some netizens regarding software tools: 0 recommended:★★☆ 18, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4959/4959368.xml? Temp =. 1154901 title: multi-core optimization Summary (original) -- welcome to reply to discussion reply: 12 recommended:★★★☆ 19, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/TopicView1.asp? Id = 5237697 title: answers from some netizens to questions about software tools: 0 recommended:★★☆ 20, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5293/5293180.xml? Temp =. 6861231 title: optimized resource sharing reply: 4 recommended:★★★★ 21, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/4920/4920941.xml? Temp = 5.886477e-02 title: What information do you want? Reply: 23 recommended:★★★☆ 22, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5179/5179182.xml? Temp =. 5837824 title: open a post to discuss deadlocks and Optimizations in multi-threaded development. Reply: 20 recommended:★★★★ 23, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5294/5294754.xml? Temp =. 6738703 title: multi-threaded optimization program, my program reply: 4 recommended:★★★☆ 24, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5308/5308932.xml? Temp = 5.184352e-03 title: optimization report and Source code Reply: 0 recommended:★★★★ 25, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5308/5308317.xml? Temp =. 4531824 title: optimization tips: 0 recommended:★★★☆ 26, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5331/5331684.xml? Temp =. 5828363 title: open a post to discuss the Intel optimization contest results and contestant's work. Reply: 2. Recommendation:★★★★ 27, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5333/5333984.xml? Temp =. 9655878 title: Parallel Computing introduction and multi-core programming demo-housisong reply: 3 recommended:★★★☆ 28, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5302/5302647.xml? Temp =. 7917597 title: How can I determine the cache hit rate when a program is running? Reply: 4 recommended:★★★☆ 29, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/TopicView1.asp? Id = 5388208 title: multi-core Platform Multi-task usage model discussion reply: 0 recommended:★★★☆ 30, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/topic/5334/5334144.xml? Temp =. 9986231 title: if you are interested in multi-core and multi-thread technologies, please come in and check out. Reply: 6. Recommendation:★★★☆ 31, Http://community.csdn.net/Expert/TopicView1.asp? Id = 5344026 title: OpenMP and C ++: get twice the result with half the effort (I) reply: 4 recommendation:★★★★


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