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I put it on hold for more than half a year and continued to write "Outsourcing practices" because today I was moved.
I was awakened by the developer and asked me to "practice" again ".
I firmly believe that creating opportunities for developers is creating opportunities for myself!

Developer: rissonal
The current total credit of this developer is 2. Two projects have been successfully completed and have passed channel authentication! The registration information integrity is 50%, and two cases are added.

He is currently undertaking two other projects.
He has quickly undertaken three projects since the 5/4 S,
I am about to become a master of ticket handling. Product 4 points. Everything will be recorded in his account, remember"

This is a project that he just finished. It takes six hours to complete, from release to communication, to demo, to payment method discussion.
Binary restoration of dynamic Connection Library DLL$500, deposit payment.
This project contains my detailed comments to record the detailed order receiving process.

Csdn outsourcing 12:54:38 1 , Online Payment confirmation for Party B!Online? Confirm the receipt information with you. Lang Ren 13:04:39 good csdn outsourcing 13:05:17 Bank name: *** owner name :????????????? Bank account :****... Csdn outsourcing is okay at 13:06:20. At 13:07:55, The Langman had sent a remittance for csdn outsourcing at 14:28:45. Check it out :) Interview you later. Don't shirk it!Lang Ren 14:33:06 Haha, line csdn outsourcing 14:39:31 2 , Prompt developers to complete their own information!By the way, let me remind you that your personal center is not well organized! If you can, you can enrich your personal introductions and add other cases. This is perfect. In addition, the title of "order receiving master" becomes the star of csdn outsourcing. Let me check out the csdn outsourcing service at 14:41:25. :) Good At 14:41:37... The interview you just mentioned refers to what csdn outsourcing does not need to be so formal at 14:46:52, that is, just chatting casually. Of course, if you can write some text on your own, let's talk about your feelings on the outsourcing channel. Lang Ren 14:47:23 3, This sentence touched me!I will check if anyone needs help with csdn outsourcing at 14:47:33. Lang Ren: 14:47:58. Well, it's not so great. By the way, I think csdn is doing well in outsourcing, no matter from the whole system or process, it's a perfect csdn outsourcing. At 14:48:52, my friend said, you are also working on the "Call Center". You can see that all your projects are related to VC. Familiar with the system. Must be a master. Lang Ren 14:49:13 4, Master!Yes. I have been using VC/C ++ itfor 10 years. I have been using csdn for 7 or 8 years. Have I started a blog on csdn at 14:49:54? Are there many bubbles in the Forum? In this way, csdn outsourcing offers materials for your promotion. The Langman did not have it at 14:50:20. Now he seldom does this and is usually busy with csdn outsourcing. At 14:51:59, you are picking up small orders in your spare time. But looking at your website, it means outsourcing. Lang Ren 14:53:12 5, Look for opportunities!Oh, with this idea, we actually have some friends who want to make some big projects together, so they wrote this website, and the website was simple for a summer, not very good at csdn outsourcing 14:53:44. Well, that's good. Now you have tried it yourself. You have a high level and should develop. In addition to your own VC ++, you can add more cases. In this way, you can be fully displayed. If you and your brother want to do big work. It is useful to accumulate your account with high credit. At that time, we recommend that you use csdn to receive tickets. Good afternoon at 14:55:54. I hope you will have a great development. You should have been a senior. I heard from your friends that you wrote Kingsoft ranger as early as 97. It is really amazing that csdn outsourcing will not talk about it at 14:56:13. Now, it is no more difficult to do things than to do things without support from friends and individual teams. Lang Ren 14:56:21 yes. I think we will use the csdn platform to develop csdn outsourcing. 14:57:39. Well, csdn hopes to create opportunities for programmers through the outsourcing platform. I have always been doing this. You just said, it's really good to see if anyone needs help. Lang Ren 14:59:06 6, Csdn creates an opportunity for "professional people do professional things!Yes, I have seen many other types of outsourcing platforms before, but I think the csdn platform is the best. I think the website's popularity is also an element of my choice. Sometimes it is because of this mentality. I encountered a problem before and thought that if I could help someone, I could get twice the result with half the effort. csdn outsourced at 15:01:36 am. Yes, professional people do professional things. Some of my friends think of me. Other programmers on csdn need to communicate with each other most. This is the case at 15:03:02. The csdn Forum also provides a communication platform, which is very good. When you search for a problem, you can directly link it to csdn. Csdn Outsourcing: 15:03:13, right. Have you checked the account and found the payment? It should be timely. Online banking. I have checked the information at 15:03:41 AM. I should have checked it out. Thanks for csdn outsourcing at 15:08:00 AM. Thank you. Let's talk about it first. If you don't mind, I will sort out this chat and publish it to my personal blog for your convenience. Do you think so? It is not an official interview. Good afternoon, no problem.

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