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"Microsoft's acquisition of Zend" fake news requires a new mindset for Open Source

Recently, I saw an IT rumor about csdn: "Microsoft purchased Zend for $0.113 billion, and PHP may change its name to MSSE ". Zend -- creator of PHP. Of course, this is the dumb news from the PHP community outside China. Maybe I cannot know whether the author of this news is from open source. But I still see some mentality of the open source community from the comments behind the news. The closer they are to open-source software and commercial software, they show helplessness, ridicule, and even anger. Should the open-source community be ready to accept commercial software vendors. The Society is commercialized, and open-source communities are becoming more and more commercial. Most open-source projects are reserved for commercial purposes or competitive advantages. (Zend -- the creator of PHP did not provide Cache Technology for PHP itself for commercial purposes, but proposed it for sale as a commercial product ). Microsoft, however, began to provide free products to establish an open-source community (the Microsoft express product, codeplex.com community, and promised 12 windows development guidelines) to further open up its own platform technology. Let's leave it alone. Microsoft and other vendors aim at open-source motives. From the perspective of open code, the difference between the two may be smaller and smaller. From the neutral point of view, open source will not be 100% open source, and commercial software will not be 100% closed. But what is in front of them is that the commercial software vendors that originally stood on the opposite side have already been among them and challenged them. Sun opened its own Solaris. Oracle acquired bdb and Innobase from open source database vendors to enter the open source database market. Microsoft is also open to open source. The open-source community continues to erect a stronger wall to maintain hostility, or to meet challenges in some way. A new mentality may be needed to face the new attitude of commercial software vendors. We look forward to answers from the open-source community.

Four major Internet forces are scrambling to compete for rogue software from user terminals

On June 23, July 18, the reporter learned from many Parties that the sky Software Park, one of the three major domestic shared software release platforms, was officially included in Baidu this month ago. This is the second large-scale capital operation after Baidu went public. It is said that the purchase price is 30 million yuan. Baidu staff commented on the inconvenience. Thousands of oak acquired another sharing software publishing platform-China Shared Software registration center, and transformed it into a "Chinese software community" in June this year ", bundled with the previously acquired download tool Dudu accelerator. Dudu accelerator is one of the "top ten rogue software" announced by the Beijing Software Association. According to industry comments, the attention of these Internet forces to the shared software platform indicates that they have taken another step in the competition for end users. "The platform is the distribution channel for shared software, controlling the channel naturally makes it easier to control plug-in bundle and acquire better software." Prior to being favored by advertisers and capital, shared software has almost no source of revenue, because it is impossible for them to obtain revenue by selling licenses, and Chinese users will not have the habit of paying for them. Zhou Shengjun, the author of storm audio and video, admitted that bundling plug-ins on storm audio and video is "a last resort to survival ". For users, "only when the acquirer takes the user as the core can the situation be a win-win situation ."


Research on the third generation search engine: intelligence and personalization

Search engines are constantly evolving along with the development of the Internet. As the Internet has become an indispensable platform for people to learn, work, and live, almost everyone on the Internet will use search engines, an important industrial chain has been formed around search, and some media have even created the word "Search economy. The first generation of search engines features Directory Search, which means that the product is Yahoo. The technical ideas of this period are inevitably influenced by the traditional methods of library and intelligence management. First of all, this classification system is provided by the Document Manager. Users may not be clear, or ordinary users may not understand it, so that they may not find the desired information. Second, Manual classification is too costly and inefficient to meet the needs of fast-growing online information resource management. The second generation of search engines. This paper innovatively proposes the page Importance Analysis Technology pageranking technology and hyperlink analysis technology to give priority to users. Google stands for the product. Unlike Yahoo, Google does not classify documents, but identifies "keywords" from documents. PAGE analysis is based on links between pages. It cannot indicate the information contained in these pages. Computer computing is not necessarily what people need. Yahoo believes that the next major innovation of the search engine will be "social search", which can realize the democratization of information relevance, common users determine what is important for them and other users. The product manager of Microsoft MSN believes that the user interface of the search engine will change significantly, and users will no longer enter keywords in only one text box. The user will provide more information so that the search engine can better understand the user's intention and return more accurate results. Google's product team opposed Microsoft's view that technological advances mean that users no longer need to provide more information. The perfect search engine will accurately understand the user's intentions and provide the information the user needs. The search engine is still in its infancy, far from perfection.


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