CSDP Examination Syllabus

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CSDP Examination Syllabus

1. download the application form for certification. * Read all the details before entering the information. * The application must be easily read, and the application with hard-to-recognize handwriting will be rejected. * The fee must be paid by cheque or dollar cash which can be obtained from Bank of America, so that you can pay for the IEEE Computer Association or use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club. To avoid repeated fee deduction for your credit card, do not mail your fax application. * The CSDP program will notify the applicant immediately after receiving the application. If the ticket is accepted, the admission ticket will be sent. * For completeness, the application must include: * Table 1 ----- Basic Information Registration Form (Omitted )....................................................... * Table 2 ----- education and major table (Omitted) * Table 3 ----- experience table (omitted) * copies of degree and other certificates * detailed resumes of current work experience and educational background (please provide the names and addresses of all work units and schools) * to avoid unnecessary delays, please send all relevant documents, attachments, fees payable, and completed application forms together. If the subject's name or address changes, the IEEE Computer Association must be notified. * Complete applications, related documents, forms, and fees are mailed to the following address: IEEE Computer Society certification registration department 6006 Washington, DC 20042-6006 l must ensure that the IEEE Computer Society receives complete applications, related documents, tables, and fees before the following time. L applications that are not sent before the end date of the application will be postponed to the next test season; all the fees required for the application must be sent along with the application form; otherwise, the application will not pass. If your application is submitted before the deadline, but you have not paid the full cost, you will not be able to take the test for the current test season. If the credit card information is also listed in the application for payment of the Application and Examination fee, the application can also be sent to the IEEE Computer Association by fax number: + 1.202.728.0884. Applications sent by fax must also be sent before the deadline. Otherwise, you cannot take the exam for the current test season. The IEEE Computer Society must receive a written application for cancellation of registration and refund. You can use a Fax: + 1.202.728.0884 or email: certification@computer.org to notify the certification department. Only eligible persons can cancel the examination, and the refund (only the examination fee is refunded) can be refunded only before the specified date. If you want to cancel the examination registration before the specified date, you can return the examination fee portion of the registration fee. The application fee cannot be refunded or transferred. Note: The applicant must contact the Prometric test center or call center: + 1.800.473.448 to cancel the exam reservation. If you do not cancel the exam reservation, you will be fined $150. Failing to cancel your exam reservation in time will lead other candidates to lose their exam opportunities and affect other certification plans. The subject name will be "missing" to the IEEE Computer Association, which will be charged accordingly. The approved applicant of the admission ticket ATT will receive the admission ticket (ATT) by mail two to three weeks after the application is delivered ). ATT includes a list of local Prometric test centers (their phone numbers and the phone numbers of the Prometric Customer Service Center), admission ticket numbers, schedules, and start and end dates of the test season. You must make an appointment for the exam only after receiving the admission ticket ATT. Check your admission ticket ATT carefully. The name of the admission ticket must be the same as that of the document in the test center. If any information is incorrect, contact the IEEE Computer Association + 1.202.371.0101 before the exam schedule. You can switch between different test seasons to another test season within one year after registration. But it can only be changed once. The switch must be applied in writing and the switch fee of $100 must be included. If the switch fee is not included, the switch application will be rejected. The application must be delivered before the deadline. This prevails. No exception. In the application, specify the target test season and the original test season you want to change. If you use a credit card for payment, you can use a fax + 1-202.728.0884 to notify the Certification Authority. specify the type, card number, validity period, and signature of the credit card. If you pay by cheque, mail the application to: IEEE Computer Society, certification registration, Department 6006, Washington, DC 20042-6006, USA. once you get the admission ticket ATT, you must schedule the exam time within the time range specified by ATT. You can make an appointment only after receiving ATT. Make an appointment as soon as possible after receiving your ATT. In addition to CSDP, pometric also takes other tests, and the test room has tight seats. * All Americans and Canada should go to the electric test center or Prometric Customer Service Center: + 1.800.473.4481 immediately after receiving ATT. Candidates from other locations must contact the Prometric Test Center listed in Att. * You must make an appointment 48 hours before the expected exam time. It is best to have your att at hand during the reservation, because the staff will ask you the admission ticket number. If you lose ATT, please immediately notify Chauncey group (CGI): + 1.609.74256694, you can obtain a copy of ATT. * The test center generally works from AM to AM, but it can also be delayed. The time on Saturday can be freely changed by the test center. The working hours of the Prometric customer service center are: Monday ~ When you call-* on Saturday, tell the staff that you want to schedule the IEEE Computer Society CSDP examination time. You will be asked to provide your admission ticket number (included in ATT) and confirm your name, address, phone number, and other information. * The staff will ask you the desired CSDP exam time. * If your choice cannot be met, you will be given another time. * After you have made an appointment for the exam time, you will receive a confirmation number and no longer mail a confirmation letter. If you cannot take the exam, you will not be charged for the exam. * For details about the Prometric Test Center, visit the Prometric website (www.2test.com ). Applications submitted before the deadline for Qualification Verification and all fees paid will be sent to the verification department for qualification. If the examiner finds that the experience and education listed in the application do not fully meet the requirements, the application will be deemed as unqualified. Remember that the application must be completed before the application deadline, rather than at the beginning of the test season. Criteria for canceling or re-booking Prometric: You must call + 1.800.473.4481 to Prometric Customer Service Center at noon two working days before the appointment time, you must cancel or reschedule the reservation. Renewal in the same test season, you must call + 1.800.473.4481 to the Prometric Customer Service Center at noon two working days before the test schedule, it is required to cancel or reschedule the reservation (Saturday is regarded as one working day, and Sunday is not a working day ). For example, if you have made an appointment at a.m. on Monday, you must cancel your reservation at a.m. on Friday. Non-American and Canadian residents must call the Prometric Test Center listed in your att at noon no later than five work days before the appointment time. * You cannot cancel or reschedule a message on the phone answering machine. * You will not be charged if you re-schedule the exam within the time specified by ATT. If you are not present at the specified exam time or arrive 30 minutes later than the two work days before your appointment, it will be considered as "missing exam ", all your exam fees will be confiscated. If your registration fee is confiscated, you must apply again and pay all the registration fee to take the test for another test season. 2. Test overview the CSDP certification test is managed by Prometric test centers in cities in the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Ireland and Japan. The examination consists of over 180 multiple-choice questions. It is based on the concept and experience that a skilled software engineering professional with at least 6 years of experience should be familiar. After your identity authentication request arrives at the test center, you must present two forms of identity authentication, including your name and your signature. One of them must be accompanied by a recent photo. First proof of identity: Valid passport, driving license with photos or ID card. The second type of identity authentication: military ID card, citizen residence permit, driving license without photos, valid credit card with signatures, Social Security card or bank automatic withdrawal card. The name on your ID card must be the same as the document on the Test Center and the name on the ATT. If you do not have an ID card, paste your recent photo on a blank paper. Sign the certificate and pass the certificate from the notaries. The stamp of the certificate must overlap the photo part. You are not allowed to take the test without an identity certificate. You must re-apply and pay the re-registration fee to obtain a valid examination certificate. You have 3 180 completed in half an hour Question, plus 15 Minutes of guidance, and 15 more Give a brief answer to the questionnaire form after the exam in minutes .The examination is performed on the computer. On the day of the test, the examinee must enter the test room 30 minutes before the test, in principle, stay in the test room for 4 hours. Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination 30 minutes after the examination starts. You must present two types of identity creden。 at the test center and carry them with you. If you have to leave the test room for some reason, you must re-check the room when you try again. The Administrator will give you a short guide and then take you to your exam seat. You are not allowed to leave your seat during the test, unless approved by the test center staff. You are not allowed to leave the test room. The test center staff will give you a pencil and a draft. You cannot leave the test room at any time. A pencil, draft paper, or calculator is not allowed to enter the test room. If you have a problem with your computer, you can raise your hand if you want to take a break from the draft paper or if you need help from the test center staff. Your rest time will be included in the examination time. On the screen, you can see the instructions for using the examination software. There will also be a tutorial before the exam, which will teach you how to take the exam correctly through some examples. You will be familiar with it for 15 minutes before the test. These times are neither counted into the exam time nor scored. During the examination, you can go back to the questions left in front or check the answers. You can modify the answer during the check. However, you must leave the test room as long as the test time is up. 3. The test center is necessary to maintain a reasonable test environment in order to ensure the fairness and objectivity of all candidates' scores and the correctness of the evaluation. The following rules and policies apply to any exam. Candidates must follow the requirements of the test center staff. You can use only four functions, non-programmable calculator. Other calculators are not allowed to be taken into the test room. The exam can only be completed within three and a half hours. Books or other reference materials cannot be taken into the test room. Once found, the test will be canceled immediately. You are not allowed to visit the test center. You are not allowed to bring your own draft paper into the test room. The draft paper is provided by the test center. The departure from the test room during the test must be approved by the test room staff. 4. Test skills because the score is based on the correct total number of answers, it is best to answer each question. If you are unsure, do your best to answer the question and then proceed. Do not think too hard about questions. The answer is always in the options. First, eliminate the most impossible answer, which makes it easier for you to choose. 5. There will be a short tutorial at the beginning of the exam guidance test, which will help you familiarize yourself with the exam software. It takes 15 minutes in total. After the tutorial, you will know how to select the answer, how to proceed, and use features such as "question check. It teaches you how to use a computer to complete the test. During the guidance process, you do not need to worry about whether you are correct. It is not included in the total score of the exam. Once you exit the tutorial, you cannot access it again. 6. At the end of the exit exam, you need to fill out a short questionnaire, which will send your feedback to the IEEE Institute of Computer Science and the Prometric examination center. All comments will be carefully considered, and adjustments will be made if necessary. In the five days after the exam, you can give more feedback to the IEEE Computer Society at: Chauncey Group International Attn: 22 p 664 Rosedale road Princeton, NJ 08540 USA Workshop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Improper behaviors of candidates1. The following actions violate the discipline of the test room and will be handled accordingly. Give answers to questions to others or receive answers to questions by using any reference materials and help that are not allowed to be used by others. Remove questions in any form or attempt to delete questions if they do not comply with the test rules or regulations of the test center management personnel., and take the draft paper away from the test room to operate the computer; use it to do other things except for the test without consent to leave the test room using electronic communication equipment, such as cellular phone or host machine 2. During the test, if the test room staff believe that you have violated the test room discipline, they have the right to take appropriate measures. The management personnel of the test center have the right to leave the test room for non-performing candidates and report the reasons to CGI. The administration of the Test Center allows the examinee who violates the test room discipline to continue the test, but reports the behavior of the examinee to CGI. Iii. No matter what happens, the administration of the Test Center will review the evidence collected by CGI and the IEEE Computer Institute after reporting the irregularities during the test to CGI. They all have the right to question the score of the candidate, because the score may be obtained through improper means. CGI first checks the confidentiality of the event. If you have enough reason to question the score, CGI will send the event to the IEEE Computer Society. It will make a final decision on the effectiveness of the score. If the IEEE Computer Society considers the test invalid, it will notify the examinee himself. The IEEE Computer Society has the right to make the following decisions: the examinee can take the test again for free; the examinee can take the test again after paying a surcharge. Take other actions based on actual conditions. 8 , Examination outline:A. business practices and engineering Economics (3-4% issues). engineering economics B. ethics C. professional Practice D. standard B. software requirements (13-15% issues). requirement process B. requirement acquisition C. requirement Analysis D. specification E. requirement verification F. requirement management C. software Design (22-24% issues). software Design Concept B. software Architecture C. software design quality analysis and evaluation D. software design document E. software design strategies and methods f. human Factors in software design G. software and system security D. software build (10-12% issues). build plan B. program Design C. data design and management D. error Handling E. source code organization F. code document G. build qa h. system integration and deployment I. code optimization J. build tool E. software testing (15-17% issues). test Type B. test level C. test policy D. test Design E. code test coverage F. protocol test coverage G. test execution H. test document I. test Management F. software maintenance (3-5% issues). software maintainability B. software maintenance process C. software maintenance measurement D. software maintenance plan E. software maintenance management F. software maintenance document G. software Configuration Management (3-4% issues). SCM process management B. software Configuration recognition C. software configuration control D. software Configuration status E. software Configuration audit F. software release management and submission H. software management (10-12% issues). measurement B. organization Management and Coordination C. launch and range definition D. plan E. software acquisition F. implementation G. risk management H. review and review I. project closure J. after closing I. software Process (2-4% issues). process infrastructure B. process measurement C. process Definition D. quantitative Process Analysis E. process Execution and change J. software Tools and methods (2-4% issues). management tools and methods B. development tools and methods C. maintenance tools and methods D. support Tools and methods K. software Quality (6-8% issues). software Quality Concept B. SQA and V & V Plan C. SQA and V & V Methods D. SQA and V & V measurements 9, Exam notificationThe score will be immediately displayed on the computer screen when the test is completed, and the test center will copy the score. The copied information includes your name, address, exam subject, and whether you have passed the exam. The IEEE Computer Society will send an official transcript about four weeks after the test. Candidates who pass the certificate will receive: 1. Certificate 2. Regulations that must be followed by CSDP certification 3. The re-certified CSDP certificate will be recognized, it is also posted on the IEEE Computer Society website and other related publications. To ensure the confidentiality of the test results, IEEE does not notify you of the score by phone, fax, or email. Your score information will only be published with your written consent. However, the IEEE Computer Society will publish a list of certified personnel on its site. The electronic Score data will be kept by the Chauncey International Group (CGI) for three years. Duplicate transcript employers are concerned with improving personnel software engineering skills. Software Development certification exams are one of the ways employers assess employee skill levels. The transcript copy can be sent to a third party, such as an employer. The examinee shall send a written request and a four-dollar check or cash to the IEEE Computer Society at: Chauncey Group International Attn: 22 p 664 Rosedale road Princeton, NJ 08540 USA then 10, Certificate descriptionThe CSDP certified by the IEEE Computer Society is neither a license nor a guarantee of experience or capability. It only proves the proficiency of a specific knowledge system. The IEEE Computer Society does not set certain standards for employees in this field, nor gives the certificate holder special recognition and rights. In addition, it cannot determine who can or cannot engage in this line and the scope of this line. The IEEE Computer Society does not guarantee that the certificate holder has special rights over others. Certificates issued by the IEEE Computer Society do not grant any degree, legal qualifications, privileges, or licenses for software work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Rights after authenticationThe CSDP certified by the IEEE Computer Society is neither a license nor a guarantee of experience or capability. It only proves the proficiency of a specific knowledge system. The IEEE Computer Society does not set certain standards for employees in this field, nor gives the certificate holder special recognition and rights. In addition, it cannot determine who can or cannot engage in this line and the scope of this line. The IEEE Computer Society does not guarantee that the certificate holder has special rights over others. Certificates issued by the IEEE Computer Society do not grant any degree, legal qualifications, privileges, or licenses for software work. 1. Have the right to use the CSDP certificate in accordance with specific rules. 2. You have the right to present a certificate in accordance with specific rules as proof of your ability. 12 , Certificate validity periodThe certificate is valid for three years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Review of test resultsThe questions are reviewed and approved by the CSDP Certification Board of the IEEE Computer Society. The CSDP Certification Board of the IEEE Computer Society has the final right to interpret the questions, which is also the authority of question accuracy. CSDP stipulates that the examinee is not allowed to check the questions and the individual's examination conditions. This is because the number of candidates for the exam is large and the integrity of the exam must be ensured. However, the IEEE Computer Society recognizes the importance of the test results to the candidates. To ensure the correctness of the test score, it implements multiple quality checks. In addition, the IEEE Computer Society encourages candidates to write their comments on the questions at the end of the examination. The IEEE Computer Society will take each comment seriously. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 , Pass Score LineThe admission score of the IEEE Computer Society CSDP is determined by a group of experts in the software engineering field. The admission score is adjusted to the standard score, so that you can compare the scores of different examination forms. IEEE The software development professional certification standard is divided into 120 To 200 And the pass line is 170. .If you receive a standard score of 170 or more, your transcript will only contain the words "qualified. The total score and score analysis information converted to the standard score are not disclosed to candidates. This is to avoid misuse or misuse of scores at work. If your score is lower 170 , Your standard score and" Unqualified" . Standard score to 5 Divided into measurement units. For example, in 153 To 157 The standard score is calculated as 155. . In addition, the score documents that fail to pass will contain the analysis information of the score to help the failed candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses in the eleven knowledge fields.Every year, various forms of IEEE software development certification must be adjusted. Through some mathematical corrections, different scores can be comparable. Here is an example of how to adjust the space: if there are two people, they have the same level of mathematics, but they take two different tests. The two tests were adjusted to the same level, with scores ranging from 120 to 200, with a standard score of 170. Both tests have been improved to cover the same math questions. However, question #1 is much harder than question #2. One examinee answered 35 Questions in question #1, while the other answered 40 questions in question #2 correctly. What makes two people's scores different is not their mathematical ability, because they have the same level of mathematics. In this example, the score difference is that question #1 is much harder than question #2. Equivalent: In test #1, the original score 35 represents the same level of mathematical knowledge, ability, and proficiency as in Test 2. In the two tests, the standard score is used to make their scores have the same level. In fact, you don't have to remember that the 35 score of exam #1 is the 40 score of exam #2. We can use the standard score, which is 170 here. Since 40 points is equivalent to 35 points, 40 points can also be recorded as standard points of 170. The standard score is not a percentage score, which is very important. To sum up, the standard score enables the scores of different examination forms to indicate the scores of the same level of knowledge, ability, and skills. The total number of correctly answered questions is converted according to a common standard (from 120 to 200). All scores are 170 (or more than 170) candidates have passed the qualification line prescribed by IEEE Computer Society and software engineering experts.

In addition, it is worth noting that the score analysis information (reported to unqualified candidates) is not used to determine whether the examinee has passed the examination. These analyses are mainly used to tell the examinee about the strength and weakness of some of the main contents. They are only for self-evaluation.

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