CSP 2017.9 first question soy sauce Java code

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Problem description
Xiao Ming takes n yuan to buy soy sauce. Soy sauce 10 yuan a bottle, merchants to promote, each buy 3 bottles to send 1 bottles, or 5 bottles per buy to send 2 bottles. How many bottles of soy sauce can I get, xiaoming?
Input format
The first line of input contains an integer n, which indicates the amount of money that xiaoming can use to buy soy sauce. n is an integer multiple of 10, and N does not exceed 300.
Output format
Output an integer indicating how many bottles of soy sauce The xiaoming can get.
Sample input

Sample Output 5

Sample Description
40 yuan into 30 yuan and 10 yuan, respectively, to buy 3 bottles and 1 bottles, of which 3 bottles to send 1 bottles, a total of 5 bottles.
Sample input

Sample Output

Sample Description
80 yuan into 30 yuan and 50 yuan, respectively, to buy 3 bottles and 5 bottles, of which 3 bottles to send 1 bottles, 5 bottles to send 2 bottles, a total of 11 bottles.

package com.


Import Java.util.Scanner;
        public class Buysomesauce {public static int bigsale (int m) {int bottle5 = M/50;
        int bottle5left = m% 50;
        int bottle3 = BOTTLE5LEFT/30;
        int bottle3left = bottle5left% 30;
        int bottle1 = BOTTLE3LEFT/10;
        int bottles = Bottle5 * 7 + bottle3 * 4 + bottle1 * 1;
    return bottles;
        public static void Main (String args[]) {int ' money = 0;
        Scanner Scanner = new Scanner (system.in);
        if (Scanner.hasnextint ()) {money = Scanner.nextint ();
    } System.out.println (Bigsale (money)); }
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