Cui fanxi, a world-renowned fashion designer

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At the New York Fashion Week in early February, purchasers and GQ, WWD, Mr. fashion, and details of famous American department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue boutique department store, podorf gooman boutique, nimman department store, And brumingdell department store. "," fame "," Bruce pask "and other famous fashion magazine fashion editors, more than 500 people carefully watched a Korean fashion designer's production show.

This Korean fashion designer is Cui fanxi. Cui fanxi is 36 years old. He has been in China for 17 years, held an 11-year Clothing Show, and participated in New York Fashion Week, one of the four world fashion weeks.

During the New York Fashion Week, Cui fanxi presented a vibrant and vibrant men's wear series in black, gray, and blue colors. It is said that CuI fanxi's work is more stable and shows strong male beauty than New York Fashion Week in last September. The New York Times said Cui fanxi's "2014 autumn and winter general idea New York Clothing Show" was the best fashion show in New York Fashion Week, in order to allow him to finish his clothes week smoothly and congratulate him, he also provided him with a luxury car.

Cui fanxi presented the general idea autumn and winter series at the New York clothing week in February ". (Image Source: General idea)

In the general idea autumn and winter series fashion show of the New York Fashion Week in February, designer Cui fanxi came to the stage. (Image Source: General idea)

Cui fanxi was also well received during the New York Fashion Week in 2010. The New York Times named Cui fanxi one of the "brave and brave. "Cui fanxi is the youngest designer of Seoul Fashion Week," the newspaper reporter Lee Carter wrote in his report. Cui fanxi, founder of general idea, played a role in South Korea's becoming a new fashion country. Fashion works decorated with sharp patterns and highlighted in black are displayed on the New York stage ." In the same year, IMG, a world-renowned sports, fashion, and media company, also named Cui fanxi one of the three most notable designers of New York Fashion Week ".

In his book "I borrowed a wall from the world" (2009), Cui fan XI called himself a "person who only knows clothes ". He wrote in his book that he started to work in clothing stores after dropping out of high school. By chance, he found a wall on Hongda Street and began selling clothes at the stall. By doing cloth business and operating clothing stores in Dongdaemun clothing market, he learned how to make clothes from the bottom layer and developed his enthusiasm for clothing. From a senior talent who only graduated from junior high school to a designer based on the highly competitive clothing industry, Cui fan Xi encountered many prejudices and difficulties during this period, however, he did not stop his strong enthusiasm for clothing.

2003 Cui fanxi founded his own brand "general idea ". In 2009, he became the first Korean designer to attend New York Fashion Week. Five years later, he became the most active Korean designer in New York Fashion Week. His brand is deeply loved by Li bingxian, He Zhengyu and other Korean stars and K-POP stars. After New York, he also entered the Milan and Paris markets and actively cooperated with large enterprises at home and abroad, such as audi, Samsung Electronics, and

The following is a recent interview with Cui fan XI by Let's take a look at Cui fan Xi's goals, life philosophy, and future plans.

Designer Cui fanxi (Image Source: General idea)

-The theme of this New York Fashion Show is "building". I heard that you have gained inspiration from the Manhattan and high-rise buildings in the sunset. Please introduce it.
Inspired by everything. I am inspired by movies, music, books, presentations, conversations with friends, and many other places. However, I try not to start my homework immediately after I get inspiration. Instead, I will outline my mind and picture books and then make my work later. Each season, I often select three themes for my homework, and then select the most scalable themes for production. After my September 6, 2013 show in 10th, I walked along the streets of New York with my photographer and friends. When I say "What will I do in New York in September 6, 2018", the colors and buildings of the sunset in New York are in sight. The friend said, "Start from now on ". Then, at seven o'clock every night, he took a picture of New York and sent it to me. I used these photos for reference when I made "2014 autumn and winter clothes". This fashion show received a good response in New York.

-How did you become a designer? Who is your role model?
I used to do clothing retail. I found that all my products were sold very well, and sellers around me imitated the style I chose and sold at a cheaper price. As a result, I began to design myself and sold my clothes and designs very well. Since then, I have embarked on the design path and decided to become a designer. I attended Seoul clothing week as the youngest designer.

My role is hurmut Lang. Although he has retired, I like his simple aesthetics. He is not a professional, but has the ability to change the world.

-How can we overcome the gap between experience and education in the process of becoming a designer?
I have also experienced a difficult period of disregard, but my self-confidence comes from constant self-affirmation. Although I do not have a high degree of education, I have the confidence to beat anyone in the case of "one-on-one" design. Now, I think it may be because of this deficiency that I have taken my place today.

-What are the opportunities for the clothing industry from Hongda and Dongdaemun to the global market? How do you overcome these difficulties?
In my opinion, a dream is just a step-by-step approach and should be magnified. Although I have been doing business in Dongdaemun, I may make more money, but in that case, my ability and strength are definitely not as good as now. And Cui fanxi will not be so strong. Money is easy to earn, but the strength and ability are not so easy to accumulate.

The difficulties we experienced when entering the international market cannot be expressed in words. Although there have been many painful and difficult times, I believe that there will be 1% hope and 1% development in the next quarter.

-When is the most impressive clothing week?
Although I was deeply impressed with each clothing week, I was most impressed with the first Seoul clothing week. As a hawker doing business at Dongdaemun, I felt the flash and cheers when I came to the curtain for the first time.

-What design do you pursue?
What design do you pursue?

-As a designer and operator, what is your greatest wish in the future?
It is my goal to become a global top designer and build a global top designer brand. Just like today, I will overcome difficulties and hardships and continue to realize my dreams and hopes. reporter Yin XiaoYu
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Cui fanxi, a world-renowned fashion designer

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