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A pull on the word culture, total sense of nothingness, rambling, or unbelieving, how to use the Chinese culture of ideas and symbols, combining modern elements, so that it becomes an interesting means of communication, the thinking process of this problem formed a set of Tencent desktop products advertising and this article.

This is the time for you to browse your PC. Home page, in the head of the advertising will find a series of ink style ads, this is the design Center for the desktop product series for a whole brand advertising packaging. This attempt to combine the ideas and symbols of Chinese culture, the expression of Tencent desktop products is the most understanding of Chinese netizens Internet products, the most able to inherit the Chinese cultural heritage of the Internet products. Follow-up will follow this vein, this set of works to expand to other than PC.QQ.COM home and other promotional channels and other desktop products ads, forming the overall brand impression, I hope you like.


The most beautiful words--Chinese
QQ Pinyin "Ink Bamboo chapter"

Creative Introduction:

Pictographic is a large character of Chinese characters, the text of a stroke, concise image of the meaning of the text conveyed, enrich rich beauty. This ad from another angle, the possibility of a new understanding of Chinese characters, try to use "horizontal, vertical, skim, NA," and so on, to spell out a painting of bamboo, the intention to discover and appreciate the beauty of the structure of Chinese characters. This is the QQ pinyin efforts, carefully build the most understanding of Chinese, the most understand the input method.


The essence of Chinese culture--kung Fu
QQ Audio and Video "strength chapter"

Creative Introduction:

Chinese kungfu unfathomable, Mempai boxing, flourish, is an important part of the splendid Chinese culture. Cut Boxing Road is one of the combination of each faction martial arts essence in one, with film film Winding out the image of the martial arts, the echo theme: QQ audio and video support a variety of playback format, must be "both internal and external" strength to play the product.


Landscape Change of scenery
TT Browser "UFO article"

Creative Introduction:

The English name of the TT browser contains the meaning of the traveller, and the quickest and most technical way to travel the world is not a UFO. Flying in the ancient Chinese landscape painting between the change scene, High-tech and traditional art forms of collision, witty and relaxed. With the image of UFOs in the public mind, to convey the characteristics of TT fast security, to form a more visualized memory.


Freehand brushwork is intended to draw the pen outside
QQ Whirlwind "Resources Big no PA"

Creative Introduction:

On the vast sea, beneath the dexterous tail of the sea, a huge body was hidden, which was the Big Mac in the sea-the whale. With the arrows of the download, combined into the tail of the whale, like a brush on the paper left the abstract of a pen, intended to pen, paper outside, the screen outside the huge body, symbolizing the cyclone download behind the rich vast resources.


Spring in the branches
QQ Software Management "Plum Blossom Dance Chapter"

Creative Introduction:

QQ Software Management logo, as the Chinese painting boutique in the blossoming plum blossom, with the wind fluttering, turned into a variety of QQ products logo, let people put "easy" this abstract theme of image, forming an impression. Through the Chinese painting this kind of artistic expression is good at expressing the artistic conception, tries to let the people in the viewing picture to be able to understand the software to bring the user's that relaxed and comfortable.


This set of works tries to use interesting ways to combine Chinese cultural symbols and ideas with modern elements, make it in the form is elegant, but also try not to let it appear senile, in the creative is also tend to affinity, modern, hope to bring everyone good mood at the same time, let everyone remember product function or characteristics.

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