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The custom dialog box requires the following:

First, you need to set the form. The window size cannot be changed. fixeddialog,

Then, set maximizebox and minimizerbox to false, so that the window does not have the maximum and minimum buttons, and the dialog box becomes a fixed-size dialog box.

When fixeddialog is changed and another attribute is changed, that is, when controlbox is set to true, the window has only one button, because the type of the window has been determined, it is a dialog box, by default, the system removes an icon and adjustment function in the upper left corner!

No buttons in the red box

When formborderstyle is set to sizable, the "control/system" menu box appears in the form, and the controlbox is set to true. If it is set to false, the close button on the right will disappear!

The followingCodeThe code for opening the dialog box defined in the parent form of another dialog box. Opening the dialog box cannot use show (), which means opening a parallel window.

Some thoughts:

Compared with the basic. Net knowledge, this is a bit like a. Net webpage that uses jquery to pop up a div.

How do you use show () to open a window is like opening a new webpage, that is, redirect to another page, and passing parameters feels more convenient than Windows to process the form, for example, you can use redirect (??. Aspx? Username = "ABC" & Password = "1234! However, this is the get method, and it is safer to use Post

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