C#,win frm Crystal report, dynamic field

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Dynamic fields do not come out before, sorrow die.

Later found actually quite simple, it seems that as long as the data of multiple repeating fields, it can be automatically discharged, as long as they put in Section3 (details):

C0 to C14 are the fields that will be repeated output (data is not duplicated, such as LIST<CCC>,CCC contains C0 to C14). Then the Section3 (details) of the height of the pressure, because the time of repetition, high is the height of the Section3, do not press tight will remain white.

In this way, it is possible to have a dynamic field, although it is still a bit limited feeling

Then I found that I have a picture (has turned byte[]) there is no way to put in, directly into the CCC will not appear to repeat what or what. Results after practice found that in fact, not put in the Section3 (details) will not be repeated, so I put this field in Section1 (report header). And found that not every CCC for the Picture field assignment, as long as the list of the first CCC picture field has a value on it.

The test found that the same is true in the Section5 (footer), but he will be in the last CCC of the list.

When I actually use it, it's not a list, but a DataTable, where each CCC is a row in a DataTable, and each field is a column in a DataTable.

I don't even know how to use list line, List is a pit ...

C#,win frm Crystal report, dynamic field

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