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D-bus resources are scattered and not systematically introduced at the same time. Most of them are recorded by individuals, but they are well written. These links are listed here, so you don't need to Google any more.

D-bus is a new type of message system. It is gradually used in Linux systems to replace the traditional IPC. the purpose is to add the D-bus mechanism based on the existing media player and transmit messages through the upper layer to control the player function.

D-bus resource list:

Know d-bus


1. A preliminary understanding of D-bus and a simple example

Connect desktop applications with D-BUSProgram


2. [recommended] A Very Good blog, where bloggers develop mobile platforms


3. Another article is messy, but it is also a bit new.

Http://www.robotercoding.com/blog? P = 23



1. [Recommend] a very good tutorial for D-bus


2. English Wiki


3. The D-bus Organization Documents




1. Low-Level D-bus C API


2. Using the D-bus C Aoi


3. D-bus download and install (not checked)


4. wrapper for the low-level D-bus c api -- libosso



Recommended Chinese 1, 2, and 3 are both good.


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