[Daily bible calendar] August 1, October 12, 2014

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Dimanche le 12 octobre 2014

Sunday, January 1, October 12, 2014

Le souverain sacriicateur se leva, et lui dit: NE Ré ponds-tu rien? Qu'est-ce que ces hommes d é posent contre toi? Jésus Garda le silence. et le souverain sacriicateur, prenant la parole, lui dit: je t 'adjure, par le Dieu Vivant, de nous dire Si Tues le Christ, Le fils de Dieu

Matthieu 26. 62-63

Then the high priest stood up and said to Jesus, do you have nothing to answer? What do these people tell you? Jesus has no words. The high priest said to Him, "I swear by the God of eternal life, and tell us that you are not the Son of God.

Matthew 26 Chapter 63

Le silence de Jesus (1)

Jesus silence (1)

Au cours de ses diff é rents procè S, Jésus se Tait. etrange silence de celui qui refuse de se defende et de Ré ponde aux faux t é moins qui l 'accusent. m limit me le grand PR limit tre s 'en irrite: "je t 'adjure, par le Dieu Vivant, de nous dire si tu es le Christ, Le fils de Dieu ". jésus Ré Pond: "tu L 'As dit" (Matthieu 26. 63-64 ). il se contente de souligner la vérit é. il sera condamn é à mort pour Cela, pour avoir dit Qu 'Il est Le fils dedieu.

In a series of difficult litigation before the Lord Jesus came to the cross, he kept silence. We may wonder why Jesus refused to defend himself against these false witnesses and did not answer them positively. Even the high priest was angry and asked Jesus, "I point to the god of eternal life and say you swear to us that you are not the Son of God." Jesus only replied: "what you are talking about" (Matthew 23, chapter 63-64 ). Jesus only emphasizes the truth and does not justify it too much. He will be put to death because he says he is the son of God.

Conducting it Chez Pilate, J é sus se Tait, ce qui é tonne le chef Romain. il ne prendra la parole que pour d é clarer son identit é divine et affirmer que le but de sa pr é sence dans ce monde est de "rende té moignage à la Vé rit é ". vé rit é que L 'on refuse de reconnatre, mais qui, au milieu de cette injustice, de ce d é chanement de Mal, brille D 'une lumiè re singuliè re dans sa personne.

Then Jesus was bundled and handed over to the roadado governor of Rome. In perdorado, he was still in silence, which surprised the chief of Rome. Jesus finally said only a few words in order to express his detached identity (God) and assert that his purpose in the world is to "witness the truth ". People refuse to recognize this truth, but it shines in Jesus in an unfair moment, in this moment of sin and power.

En Jésus, le silence é tait le langage de la vérit é. il avait ouvertement enseign é dans le Temple, et n' avait guè re é t é Entendu. mais, dans ces moments qui pr é c è dent son supplice, J é sus garde le silence.

In Jesus, this silence is a word of truth. Jesus taught people openly in the temple, but few people listened. But Jesus chose silence in the time of suffering before the cross.

Comment comprensid ce Surprenant changement? Son silence n'est-il pas une parfaite expression de son ob é issance à Dieu? Sans chercher à se d é Rober, J é sus 'engage dans ce chemin qui le conduira jusqu 'au supplice de la Croix. incompris, rejet é, humilié, c'est dans une solrenttotale, sous le regard de Dieu, qu'il Marche vers sa mort. jésus s' Avance de lui-m limit me vers ce. de tout cela, son silence parle.

How can we understand this surprising change? Does his silence mean that he is completely obedient to God's will? Without escaping, Jesus resolutely embarked on this path, the path of torture that will take him to the cross. Not being understood, abandoned, and humiliated. Jesus was completely in the lonely state. In the eyes of God, he looked down and went step by step to his dead place. Jesus moved forward toward his goal of salvation in the flesh without fear. His silence is more than a thousand words.

En Jésus, le silence est aussi le langage de l 'amour. Un amour plus fort que la mort, profond, pour Dieu et pour nous.

In Jesus, this silence is also a word of expressing his love. This love is stronger and more profound than death. In order to fulfill God's plan, we can redeem it.

(To be continued)

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May all the glory of praise be God, our Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

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[Daily bible calendar] August 1, October 12, 2014

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