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In the computer to open Baidu Search "Penguin media platform" as shown below we click to open to enter.

Then click "Register Now" after the prompts to fill out the information, after the registered mailbox received confirmation link, login email click link.

Small knitting is a personal, so here we choose individual,

Fill in the media name, as well as media introduction, remember to want to fill in, as long as the confirmation can not be modified. There are also media names and introductions can not be suspected of advertising.

Upload Avatar, and then other materials to be carefully filled out.

Fill in your name, ID number, and upload your handheld ID photo,

Fill in your micro-letter public number, and then click on the login verification to follow the prompts, prompts you to this need to verify with the Penguin media platform in line with the main body of the micro-letter public number can be.

Leave your phone or email, this I can choose to apply for QQ public number at the same time.

Well the above is about Daily Express application, this is the QQ company to do products will naturally have QQ or micro-letter has a relationship oh.

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