Daily maintenance of CD-ROM and burner

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In your computer, the optical drive may be one of the most vulnerable parts. To make your optical drive live longer, be aware of the following issues when using it:

 Pay attention to the problem

1 Keep the indoor environment as clean as possible and reduce the possibility of dust entering the optical drive. Photoelectric products for the dust is extremely annoying, although most of the optical drive have a good dust-proof ability, but still should try to avoid the invasion of dust, especially if you are in the northern region should pay attention to;

2) Try to maintain the level of placement. This is especially important when reading and writing a disk. This has great benefits for both the engraving and the reading of the plate. Therefore, the installation of CD-ROM drive must pay attention to maintain the level of placement;

3) must be in time to remove the CD. Because each boot will detect whether a disc exists, if there is a disc, the control system will allow all parts of the CD drive to start work, always ready to read data. So if you want to extend the life of the optical drive, please remove the CD from the optical drive in time. In addition, do not use the optical drive, please close the optical drive door;

4 Avoid physical damage. If you often take your CD-ROM drive out, please be sure to take care of the light, try to avoid vibration, to protect the precise positioning of the laser head. Do not be brutally disassembled. When closing the optical drive door, do not use the hand to push, should use the panel in and out of the box key to avoid the disk mechanism gear dislocation;

5 Use the disc with reliable quality. The quality of the CD-ROM will shorten the life of the optical drive, should try to choose brand manufacturers of burning discs and the choice of genuine optical disc products;

6) Attention to heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation can result in failure of the disc and serious impact on service life. Especially in the hot summer, the problem is even more pronounced. Need to remind you that the burner in the burning process of the biggest heat dissipation, so should try to avoid continuous burning for a long time, in general, three pieces of disk should let your burner rest;

7 Learn to use virtual optical drive. There are many games and software that need to be read over a long period of time, and this is a great way to wear the light drive. So learning to use virtual optical drives will help extend the life of the optical drive;

8) Special attention: No matter what happens, do not open your optical drive. Because the laser beam inside it can penetrate your cornea. A curious demolition may make you regret life. So, if you have a problem with the optical drive, please send it to the manufacturer's designated warranty Center for repair, do not disassemble yourself.

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