"Daily Scrum" 12-02:postmortem of Sprint 2

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The two week of the second sprint officially ended today, with half of the 4 sprint plans in the past.

Overall, Sprint 2 plans to complete 4 of the user story and actually completes 3 of them:

    • Save ASC Art in server and generate ASC Art Gallery
    • Generate dynamic ASC art from GIF
    • Generate ASC Art based on WX ' s default sticker

User Story 1 not completed:

    • Generate ASC Art looks like given characters

After joining Gallery, the basic functionality of the originally conceived web platform and platform has been implemented, and features such as generating a text graph (spelling out a given text), sharing to a social network, etc. will be completed in a subsequent sprint.

In terms of progress, Sprint 2 's Burndown figure does not look as good as Sprint 1:

(TFS still doesn't see the diagram ... )

Summarizing Sprint 2, there are the following issues:

    • The pre-prep time is too long, and the user story is decided to divide and add work item with nearly half the time;
    • Add work item after the progress of the task is slow, the last few days rushed very hard;
    • Daily scrum has some of the absence of members, for everyone sync up progress has some impact;
    • PM did not change the status of work item in TFS in time (so this time the burndown figure looks so uncomfortable);
    • PM Update blog is not timely, it should be daily scrum in time to update the progress of the day, the actual update frequency into two days a more.

In the following Sprint 3 and Sprint 4, we will learn from the lessons, strive for more efficient, high-quality tasks, and timely project progress out of the public (blog).

Look forward to the final results in one months. ~^.^~

"Daily Scrum" 12-02:postmortem of Sprint 2

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