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At the MWC2012 conference in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft released the next-generation operating system Windows 8 Consumer preview, major media have reported that the industry's version of the Windows 8 also have a lot of speculation, now Microsoft officially confirmed that Microsoft to provide users: Windows 8, Windows 8 The RT edition, the Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, and the Windows 8 Professional Edition are available in four editions for different consumer and enterprise users.

To make it easy for users to connect to remote desktops, Microsoft offers Remote Desktop technology to users from Windows Server, but with the rapid development of Internet technology, the level of Remote Desktop Connection continues to climb, remote control software has rapidly entered the people's view, More and more office workers want to use remote technology to improve efficiency. Next on the selection of domestic comparison of the Sunflower Remote control software and Windows 8 Remote Desktop test, see which operation is the simplest, the most powerful and safest?

Test Platform:

Test Object Introduction:

Windows 8 Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop tools with Windows systems are not available in every release. In fact, Microsoft says, Remote Desktop is available only to WINDOWS8 Professional and WINDOWS8 Enterprise editions. The WINDOWS8 and WINDOWS8RT editions do not have this option.

Sunflower Remote control software

Sunflower Remote control is a completely free enterprise and professionals for the remote PC management and control of the service software. With five seconds of fast and strong intranet penetration, you can easily access and control the remote host with Sunflower remote control on any Internet site, any computer operating system, the whole process can be done through the browser, no need to install software.

One, the main control terminal installation mode

Remote Desktop for Windows 8 can open the main control program's main interface simply by entering "Mstsc.exe" in the Run window.

The main control mode of Sunflower remote control is divided into: PC Main control end, Web Master control end and Android main control terminal. If you use the PC master and the Android Master console, you need to download the installation Master program, and the Web master will need to log in directly to the Sunflower website, using a passport or password to log in.

Second, software operation simple

Remote Desktop for Windows 8 ensures that the firewall in the managed computer is off or allows 3389 ports to communicate before you operate. Then, in the setup, enter the system, select remote settings, switch to remote, and check the Remote Desktop for "Allow computer connections for the desired version of Remote Desktop." In the Advanced Select User, click "Find Now" to connect to the remote Desktop by locating the user to connect.

Figure 1

Sunflower Remote control software Remote Desktop operation is the successful installation of Sunflower main control and the end of the control, the controlled end uses the passport or the Kwai code sign in, the main control end uses the Passport to sign in, after the main control end clicks "The Remote Desktop" button can connect the point to be controlled the computer desktop.

Figure 2

The penetrating force of the Intranet

Friends who have previously used Windows Remote Desktop know that Windows Remote Desktop can only be used in a local area network, and only port mappings if you want to connect to an extranet IP. Windows 8, like previous versions, cannot penetrate the intranet.

Sunflower Remote control software is able to smoothly penetrate the intranet, in any place can be connected to the Internet can be remotely controlled and access to the remote host installed the controlled side. This is really a big advantage over Windows 8.

Four, expand the function

Before using Windows 8 to connect, we can also set control mode, at the main control point click the "Options" button, you can set the Remote Desktop display color number, desktop size, and so on.

Figure 3

As a remote control tool for domestic fire, sunflower remote control software In addition to Remote Desktop function, can also be controlled by remote files, remote management, remote camera monitoring, screen video and other operations, its "remote file" function allows both sides of the computer file transmission, more practical.

Figure 4

Five, security

One of the core issues with Remote Desktop connectivity is security. The main security aspect of Windows 8 is to use the operating system's own account to authenticate the connection, and the security depends on whether the system's password settings are secure.

Sunflower Remote control software in the whole process using rsa/des 1024-bit data encryption transmission, with the secret key, and full use of HTTPS encryption method access. When logging on to a remote host, two password verification is required to ensure software security. In the remote operation process through the black screen mode and screen video function to ensure the security of remote operation. The most important is the Sunflower remote control has been obtained by the Microsoft Software logo certification and WHQL dual authentication, with the Windows operating system to achieve 100% compatibility, while obtaining the certification of major security vendors, do not worry about being killed.

Comments: From the above five major aspects of the assessment, we can see the Sunflower remote control software in all aspects of performance, operation, simple and easy to use, Remote Desktop Connection speed is very fast, practical functions are also very many, but also smooth through the intranet, the most important is the security is very high, is worth recommending a remote control software.

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